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One of my favorites songs, thank you Justin

Oooh, I might have a go at this.
(I found myself getting distracted by the phallic kangaroo lamp in the background. Grow up Larsen! :roll_eyes:)

Great lesson, thanks for it. Perfectly fits to your voice, imo :slight_smile:

I found the transition from F to Dm easier, if I just keep the little F grip and then put my little finger down in the 3rd fret of the B string…would that be a Dm/F or something?..I think it sounds good and much easier transition. I also (if I’m not fast enough) then leave the little finger in the 3rd fret, tilt it down slightly to mute the high E string and put my ring finger on the 3rd fret of the low E string and my middle finger on the A string (or even just mute the A string) for a quick change to G. Not sure if it is “correct” enough, but it helps me.

What you are thinking of as Dm/F is more reasonably called Fadd6.
There’s not much in it, just the lowest note being F (giving twi in the chord) rather than D … and if it sounds good it is good.
Yout G chord is a G chord just missing the top G note. If you mute thevA string entirely you don’t have all three notes of a G chord (G, B, D) so strictly speaking that would be a G5.

Am I right in thinking that the chords and strum pattern at around 8:00 are not correctly given?

Hi, Just noticed -Intro riff Dm chord is voiced incorrect

@Mox Do you mean this?

If yes, I see why you are confused. What this is showing is an A minor chord being held and the bass notes being played in ascending sequence while still holding the A minor chord. B, C, D and E are not chords but single notes.
Hope that helps.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Hello @moowayman and welcome to the community.
Can you be specific about your comment please.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Richard. Yes sure, only just joined and site is great. I have only glanced at the music so if I see anymore I’ll let you know. This is in the TABS section of the music. The Dm chord is shown correctly in the small BOX diagram, however if you look at the TAB underneath, it has the fourth string (D string) on second fret, making an E which is the 2nd or 9th of the chord, it should be open not 2nd fret. Thanks.

Got it, many thanks. I have reported this and it will be added to the list of items needing a fix.
Cheers :slight_smile: Richard

Hi Richard, thanks for helping out.
It is exactly what I meant but luckily I worked it out for myself a few days after posting but couldn’t work out how to remove my post :grimacing:

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