Luck Day - Troy Stetina

Finally got to starting Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. 2 with the first song (song 7 of the entire method): Lucky Day. This one is tough because it’s really fast for me(152bpm) and incorportates changes from power chords to full barre chords. A (and A shaped Minor), E shaped, and power chords going super fast (again for me). Was a super fun song to learn though.


Sounded great, and you looked so relaxed playing it!


OUTFREAKINGSTANDING, Troy! Yes, swift, accurate, great-sounding chord changes. Keep it up. I also love your Studio LP, I have one also, and it is one of my favorite axe’s to play.

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Thanks! @Coffee119 @afterburner1277

Just to clarify, the artist name is Troy. I’m Alex, nice to meet you!

I have 2 LPs and love them dearly. Favorite guitar shape by far!

Oops! Ok, I got it now, Alex. Forgive me. Still outstanding :slight_smile:

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Once again, Alex, you’ve nailed it! :metal::smiley: You weren’t wrong, transitions in this one are really quick and you’re hitting them with accuracy and confidence. Your playing is, as always, tight and tone is sounding great too. Your playing continues to advance at a rapid pace. Well done my friend! :clap: :sunglasses:

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Solid playing, Alex. That did look rather tough but with your discipline you nailed it. I haven’t even attempted A shaped barre chords, just the thought of them makes me break out in a sweat. You are doing amazingly well with both your troy and rock book studies.

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Made it look easy, I’m impressed!

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Sounds very clean and locked in.
Well done Alexis.

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Damn Alexis, absolutely slaying it. Your playing is so so clean now and looking so effortless, really really impressive. Bravo :slight_smile: :clap: :clap:

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Sounds great Alexis and looks accurate and confident…152 bpm crazily fast for my standard! It was nice to read you’ve started your Vol.2: new adventures are awaiting for you :grin: Your fundamentals seems very solid to my inexperienced eye and you seem well ready for new challenges! Bravo :blush:

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That’s very solid playing! Really good work and sounds great! I should definitely start playing with a backing track. Also, what is that method you’re learning with? Worth recommending?

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Looking and sounding awesome Alex. Definitely a fast track, looked like a workout. Nailed it!

You left me hanging with the 20 seconds of thank you screen, I was waiting for the easter egg :crazy_face:.

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Thanks! @nzmetal @Socio @browan377 @Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega @Notter @SILVIA @metramaks @jkahn

They aren’t so bad as long as you’re comfortable with the E shape. A Shaped minor is just E shape down a string and A felt easier than I thought it was gonna be.

I’m using Troy Stetina’s Metal Rhythm Guitar method. He has a lot of books, but the main method consists of Metal Rhythm Guitar (2 books: Volumes 1 & 2) and Metal Lead Guitar (3 Books: Primer, Volumes 1 & 2). It’s great if you want to learn Metal since Justin doesn’t do a lot of that in his video lessons. One thing I love about the method is each chapter ends with a song you have to learn that uses the concepts from the chapter. He gives you the full track with the rhythm guitar and a backing track without it (that’s what I’m using in the vid) to practice the song.

One caveat I’d say though is that Troy is not as beginner friendly as Justin even though Metal Rhythm guitar starts at 0 (assumes no prior knowledge of guitar). I’d still recommend not starting it until you’ve at least finished Justin’s Grade 1 & 2. Even then, you can only learn so much from reading and listening.

Here’s an example, this chapter of Metal Rhythm guitar Volume 2 teaches you barre chords (E shaped major and minor + A shaped major and minor). It teaches you the position and gives you pictures and audio example on how it should sound, but it doesn’t go into nearly as much depth as Justin’s video on the topic (justin has tips and things to look out for in his vids). I’ll often read a section of Troy’s book, go on Justin’s website and find his videos teaching those same concepts and use both to practice the examples that Troy lays out (I also use Justin’s awesome practice assistant for my daily practice). Most of the time, either troy or justin will say something that gives me more context to the way the other is teaching that same content. In that sense, I think they complement each other well.

That’s all to say, yes, I’d recommend, but not by itself!

Haha, that’s adobe premiere default length for that ending template!

Yep! New beginnings are always so fun and invigorating.


I even find A shape chords easier.

Thanks, gonna check it out when I’ll have time.

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I agree, one less string to worry about!

Alex, you’ve done it again. Great sound, really nice clean play. I think you should try it at a faster temp, though!! :joy: Enjoyed it a lot!

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Thanks Dave!

Yet you made it look soooo easy Alexis. That was excellent playing. 152 bpm, I think you have more in you yet.

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Thanks Stefan!

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