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Learning lots and havin’ fun do’n it. Not.quite sure how part two of the intro went as it goes by rather quickly.

I’m finding lots of the songs are not played in the same key as they appear to have been written and require transposing. Or is it possible my SNARK tuner is a semi-tine lower than standard?

I’m pretty sure the Gary Jules cover is in a different key than the Tears for Fears original (but don’t ask me what key it is :slight_smile: )

Justin’s lesson and the app version of the song are in the Tears for Fears key, whatever that is. (Em, G, A, and D chords)

OK great . No need to get a new Snark then. But maybe get a capo! Thanks for the help

Justin says to play with capo if playing along with original, but he doesn’t use a capo as it suits his voice better. I’ve also seen a version using no capo with Am,C,G,D instead of Em,G,D,A. I’ve tried them all, and to my beginner’s ear they all sound like Mad World. I’m also early on in the music theory lessons so I don’t really understand why they all work. Why do they all work? Should I just pick the one I like the sound of? Nothing suits my voice, so that isn’t a consideration. Thanks.

@wdperkins William, in simple terms the musical relationship between the chords in each version is the same hence both sound like the song.

If you contnue with the theory course into level 3 and begin to understand the major scale, the concept of a key, plus the chords associated with the notes in the scale in a particular key then you will be in a position to understand the reason why both versions sound like Mad World.