Mad World (Tears For Fears)

A recording of Mad World I did in the spring…oh, I miss those warm sunny days!

Self critique in next post.



  • I think the strumming rhythm and energy are good
  • energy builds by varying strumming patterns
  • playing looks relaxed (facial expression - not so much :slight_smile: )


  • tempo speeds up
  • I flub the single note riff the 2nd time, and picking is not very confident
  • palm muted strumming could be more confident

Anything I missed?

I welcome constructive criticism!

Hi Tom,
I totally agree with your pluses :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:,…was fun to listen to and super recognizable,…and indeed how nice to see that summer weather,…thanks also for that,

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Hi Tom,

The facial expression has that 80s album cover staring off into the distance look. Totally fitting for the song. :slight_smile:

Playing sounds good to me.
Would love to hear some vocals over it.

Backdrop looks awesome.


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Tom that sounded fab to me, really bright guitar tone you had there going! And lovely background too!

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As it happens, I did a vocal take as well in that session. But I don’t think the world is ready for that yet!

I’m very lucky to have a patch of woods just up the block. I occasionally practice in there.

Originally so no one would hear my playing and singing, but it’s also inspiring. Do some of my best playing in there!

Hi Tom ,

I would like to echo, really nice build up, an intro lick, and variations and dynamics built in the guitar playing, as well as the solo. Now for the storytelling part, I really missed the vocals though, and judging from the musicality apparent from your guitar playing, the world would be ready for that! Whilst you were playing, you were already doing the vocals in your hear, no?

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Really good Tom. Enjoyed that a lot and loved the backdrop. I play outside a lot in the summer and it’s great. :sunglasses:

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Cool recording, Tom. I liked the variations in how you played the different sections and guitar tone sounded good. Well done and thanks for sharing.

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Nice Tom, all positive from my perspective.

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I thought you did a great job there Tom, sounding really good. Also good that you can do a bit of self-analysis on your playing. Loved the backdrop too.

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Hi Tom, thanks for sharing your video. I really enjoyed listening to it :smiley:. Thanks also for the summer feeling (when I look out of my window, everything is white and cold :snowflake:).
I’m looking forward to hearing more from you :hugs:.

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Hello Tom, I don’t know the song but I enjoyed this a lot, especially the dynamics you brought in, that was really really good in my opinion. I usually need some singing/melody or I would easily get bored listening only to the guitar, but here you made it interesting for my ear to listen till the end. Bravo! :blush:

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