Mad World _ Cover

Hi folks,

Here I am with a new cover for you:
This time I settled for “Mad World” by Tears For Fears.

I respect that band a lot and I had an idea for the video so…:joy: Man, this time it took me like 20 minutes to make the video, must be a record :muscle:

As to the cover itself, it’s very guitary IMO, with lots of melodies, strumming, arpeggios… Still very easy to play but I’m glad with the result cause the concept isn’t quite like the original or other covers.

I hope you enjoy it and feedback is welcome as usual.

Have a nice weekend :v:


Hi Jose, that was very special! I know the song, and I like it. This is really a nice multilayered version of it. And I enjoyed your mastery of video editing, making it, like, into a karaoke, with the texts and all that. Not all that straightforward to sing to however, because so much of the 'space 'is already taken by the intertwining guitar melodies.

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Love the synthy bass line José

Cracking version :+1:

Great job, Jose :+1::star_struck:. The song is absolutely recognizable. Cool version :sunglasses:. Thanks for sharing :hugs:.

I’m almost tempted to butcher this one too! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Cool cover and vid, you’re becoming very accomplished in producing. Great work again :v:

I really liked this. Lovely guitar arrangement. Very lyrical.

You’ve done it again José. Excellent work.