Madman's New Diary Chapter Five - A little "light" POD Fest

No video diary this time, just a typed intro. :sunglasses:

I guess it won’t have gone unnoticed that I picked up a Line 6 POD GO a week ago and I have been having a blast ever since. The hot weather certainly made things a lot harder, as I went on a bit of tone hunt and strum fest. With 120 presets and a few guitar “styles” to choose from the stable, it took a while to see the wheat from the chaff. Good news is there is not a lot of chaff and most of the “dodgy” presets, can be easily improved by taming the signal chains.

So I decided to make a few simple presets of my own to test the ease and functionality of the POD and it was a doddle. Possibly some work to do on the ones I present here and I need to improve levels, as this hit YouTube around 3db. So you might have to grab the volume quickly. I was just too knackered last night to drop it in Reaper and drop everything down, so this is a bit warts and all. Oh and I’ve created “chapters” the video if you want to skip anything :smile:


0:00 The Italian Job - Forever Live
0:57 Jimi Big Wing
2:47 Fawlty Towers Hotel
4:40 Cleany Greeny
5:23 Maiden Mashup

I also had a look at the Line 6 CustomTone library and down loaded a few free Iron Maiden presets. I am not 100% happy with them and planned to record a couple Maiden pieces but they need a bit more fine tuning.

I also bought a 3rd party IM presets set and used the rhythm on here for the last recording. I was cream cracked after the intense power chord work out, I made a hash of the last bit of the signature riff. I’ve left it in to prove I am human and I melt !!

Lots more to explore and develop - I bought a “box” of Orange cabs as the windows have been open :wink: - but certainly no regrets about making the purchase.

Cheers Peeps and thanks for listening.



I have to say, as much as I enjoy reading, I missed your recorded diary entry!

Glad to see you are enjoying your new toy Toby! Just don’t spend more time playing with it, then playing music using it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow sounds really good Toby you picked up nice piece of kit and you are definitely igniting some fire over here at Community with this GAS! :smiling_imp: All the best!

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Great sounds, Brian!

Who’s Brian ?

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OMG…that means I just wrote abso-bl**dy-lutely fabulous, Toby, in the Happy Together thread! :crazy_face:

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Mea Culpa, Toby, but it’s not unusual, as Tom would say. ‘Rebecca…Halle…Lyra… Ann…can you ask your mother if she wants a cup of tea’. You know the sort of rambling your parents used to do and you never thought you would. Well…

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…and you are joined at the hip, aren’t you? That makes it difficult.

Yes, I just haven’t got round to dying me hair yet. :rofl:

Great stuff… some courage you have playing in that heat or do you have AC?

The only AC here is ACDC. :rofl:
No its traditional close all the shutters and the house stays pretty cool. Walls are about 60cm thick, so as long as you keep the sun of the windows the heat stay out. Mind you the upstairs can be like a cooker, so we have fans and a portable AC unit if needed.

Thanks for listening Sandy. :sunglasses:


Sounds like your having some good fun getting to know your new toy inside out. Some great stuff already.

If you ask nicely maybe @brianlarsen will let you borrow one of his wigs. Any particular colour?

Some wicked rocking tones there, Toby. Like a dog in a butchers, spoiled for choice :laughing:

Wow, that was quite a compilation. You have some good segments in there and a couple areas sound like songs I have heard. To my ears tone varies for my liking. At the start there may have been a bit too much distortion. In other areas you had some nice tones. I liked your ending with the hands/arms gesture.

All in all a nice showing of where you are at and it is a good place!

All the best!

Thanks LB

With the heat and a long recording session, with out the out takes, I was all in at the end. Hence the “enough” gesture. I am sure you will recognize most of the songs but I gave the Presets oblique names and fooled around with the song titles. Plus there was a little restyling, as they were not meant to be clones. Just showing what the POD Go is capable of. But as this has now been up a few days, the tracks were :

Live Forever - Oasis : hence to heavy distortion, From Justin’s BSB # 1

Little Wing - Hendrix : just a simple chord run through to mess with reverb and chorus

Hotel California : I’ve always liked to monkey around with the cadence and feel veering towards a chopped reggae type style. Its a big barre chord work out !!

Need Your Love So Bad Solo : Again just a tone experiment and not trying to be on the money timing wise, while checking out sustain etc.

Dane Of Death = Iron Maiden : again experiments with the 3rd party presets, on one of the guitar intros. There are 3 gtrs playing in unison and some additional fils and lead lines throughout, so impossible to capture on one guitar.

Anyway all good fun and I am now putting it to good use, for a few songs I am working on.

Thanks for the comments and feedback as always.



Not a great deal of playing or forum time this weekend, as family is due over for whole of August, so tied up with pre-visit prep !!

Just wanted to say thanks to @adi_mrok @DavidP @Socio for taking this a spin. It was a good experiment to not only creates some presets of my own but also to check out some 3rd party ones. So experiment over I am going to clear out all bar the stock “factory” ones and start with a clean slate and use what knowledge I’ve gained to create a better range of presets, to suit what I am working on. :smile:


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Nice little tour de toys, monsieur
There’ll be eating and drinking on that for years to come :smiley:
Enjoy the family.
It’s 42 :wink:

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That was excellent stuff Toby, some rocking good fun there and sounding sweeeeeet! Loved the title you gave the songs as well.

Fawlty Towers hotel. :rofl: :rofl:

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Hell of a range you’ve already unlocked there Toby, sounding terrific! Loved the tone on the Need Your Love solo, standout one for me but all sweet!

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I welcome your experiments with a new toy :wink:
It’s always interesting.
I like Cleany Greeny and Maiden Mashup presets. Well, just because I would be interested myself in coming up with something using such a sound.