Madman's New Diary Chapter Four - Easy As a B C!

OK high level for those CBA folks not interested in the diary.

Southern Rock BT, another hand full of licks ala 30 Beginners Licks. Reaper into OBS.
John Lee Hooker pre-set on Mustang III with customary “devil” tweaks. Waves CLA Unplugged FX on dual line outs from Mustang. Master track gifted with Waves Abbey Road Chamber FX. Bit of panning and balancing. Tested through cans and PC speaker. Balance seemed ok. Render upload post. Oh used the SG in case you wondered.

Madman’s Intro

Easy As a B C Performance


Parental Warning - I made up a new Mode !!

You did? Oh boy now I’m smiling like the proverbial pig in you know what!

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Good stuff Toby, really vibey and psychedelic with that echo / delay.
Triplets midway through too!

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I’ll be some time analysing said Mickzo Molidian ! Hopeful some intervals while I study !
Albatross anyone ?

Sounded nice with some cool melody lines and tons of space. Well done!

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Nice little recording there Toby, I think it could be perhaps a bit more courageous from time to time but note wise sounded great. Really enjoyed it and hope to hear more soon :slight_smile:

I really don’t know what you mean here. Can you clarify?

You sure are broadening your vocabulary, and I like what you have to say, Toby.

Picked up that 6 b7 R phrase, which did sound good as an exclamation mark.

Mix wise, I thought with the level of reverb on the lead you could perhaps have lifted it up a few dB to come on a little stronger.

Look forward to hearing where the next series of lessons take you post OM.

Really good Toby, you covered a lot of the fretboard there. I recognised some of the licks too. The tones and vibe remind me of something but I can’t remember what. Perhaps a 60/70’s instrumental by someone or other?

A bit harder picking from time to time so it’s sort of louder and aggressive, it was a mellow jam which is fine but with this particular BT I think I would prefer some more aggressive moments that’s all :slight_smile:

Also when Toby left some notes ringing out I would apply a bit more vibrato on some of them.

Realy nice job, Toby.

@sairfingers maybe a little Uriah Heep with some 10 Years After influence. Probably sub-conscious influence from a forgotten past :rofl:

@CT Thanks Clint, yeah despite the heavy BT I wanted it to breath. :sunglasses:

@adi_mrok Glad you enjoyed it. Possibly a bit too subtle here and there but I was experimenting with feel and trying a softer touch. I think you are right, there were a couple of parts that was too soft but all part of the learning process. Thanks for the listen. :sunglasses:

@DavidP David Hardest thing will be remembering all 30 plus the 15 or so from Justin but they do bed in with practice. So despite moving on, I will be looping around these but also playing them in different positions and Keys, so its a never ending process. You can add the 2 and b3 to that phrase and dance around either side of the root, or drop in from above. All good fun. The next quest is 10 pieces in a mix of styles and length, 25 bars and upwards !
On the mix, the lead dominated the PC speakers and was equal on the headphones. So I bumped the BT a couple of db to even it out, thinking most folk will use speakers. One day I’ll satisfy everyone :rofl:

@sairfingers Gordon appreciate that and its great (and a relief) you are recognizing the licks. As to the vibe, certainly something of that era, which is what drew me to the JLH preset. :+1:

@ChasetheDream Thank you Robert ! The licks were pre-ordained and then culled to go with the BT, so some subconscious influence certainly possible in that part of the process. I’ll happily go with UH or 10YA. :sunglasses:

I doubt that and also not an issue,Toby. I can’t recall any of your mixes have what one might objectively say is a problem.

So mix feedback is always quite subjective, and mine should be treated as such with acknowledgement of my engineering-grade.

Now have one of the folk with far more knowledge and experience, like a Roman or Kasper, offered suggestions I’d pay lots of attention.

Thanks for that explanation @adi_mrok! Good chat. Looking forward to hearing you stitch together some riffs (for a minute or two) and play some improvisational lead guitar. I feel that it is courageous in its own right. That’s the beauty of us all bravely sharing our tracks as we can assess and apply our own style and preferences to this craft. Improv is a different beast than doing covers. :slight_smile:

One last note: Humbucker guitars have a tendency to naturally compress what we play (and sometimes sound a little muddy to MY ears). This means you may not always get that extra “growl” by digging in with the pick, or the dynamic range as is normally the case with single coils. Playing lead with the bridge pickup can give you a better crack at adding dynamics.

EDIT: Lower output humbuckers lowered from the strings can sometimes give cleans and dynamics approximating single coils. YMMV

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At the end of the day, David its all subjective, even to the experts amongst us and out in the real world. One man’s meat and all that. Certainly no issues with your comments, as its a frequent merry-go-round on these pages. Pulled YT up on the mobile, in the smallest room in the house and got another completely different feel ! Go figure ? :sunglasses:

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  1. Learn to self-assess.
  2. Find your own voice on the instrument
  3. Let 'er rip.
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Beyond my play grade to give any meaningful feedback. So I will go with Justin’s mantra of ‘if it sounds good, it’s good’ and it sounded good to me. You are making some mighty fine progress Toby.

P.S. with that title I thought you were going to be doing some improv to the Jackson Five. Enjoyed the diary entry.

You are too kind James !

Now the JF and “that” song reminds me a true story. A girlfriend got us tickets, unbeknown to me, to see the Jackson 5 very early 70s and they had Junior Walker and the All Stars as a support act. Came out after the show and she asks “Well what did you think of that” all giddy beaming and glowing. I said Junior Walker was ;kin brilliant so much energy great songs, Jacksons were a bit naff! For some reason I was dumped the next day but heck seeing JW&TAS was worth it. :rofl:



I really enjoyed the mellow feel and rhythm. The long down slides (is that a real term) on the 1 string were pretty cool too. Great job.