Major Triad Grips Memory Exercises

Thanks for the tips. I can figure out the notes, but I can’t recall them quickly yet. Your suggestion will help. Thanks again!


This is such a useful lesson, thanks a lot! I have one question, are these the only shapes for major triads at highest three strings or are there any other that we’re gonna be learning? I guess these should be all because there are 3 positions that root can be but just asking to make sure.

I also noticed that I have to memorize the notes better and that I am still lacking some knowledge on that, will add to my practice routine. Also would be useful to learn about ways to use triads, for example triads vs old bar chords or how to utilize them in soloing.

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Hey Yigit,

There are 3 major triad shapes on strings 1-2-3. Same for all the other stringsets.
So that 12 shapes in total.

You will find the shapes across stringsets are pretty similar and follow a distinct pattern. Same with minor triads. Diminished and augmented triads you can derive from these.

Learning these triads will assist greatly with fretboard knowledge. They are little gems, extremely useful in all sorts of rhythm and lead playing. You’ll find them everywhere in music, in iconic songs, solos etc.
Once you learn a few, start playing them in a simple progression. Best way to start internalising them. Make up little melodies with them, improvise etc. Start looking for them in songs etc, and you’ll see them everywhere. The possibilities are endless. Essential learning and one of the most useful things on a guitar I reckon.

Re barre chords vs triads. You find the triads shapes right inside those barre chords. Try a few out and see what you can find. Its all connected.

Cheers, Shane

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Thanks a lot for your detailed response Shane! Many of my favorite guitar players (John Mayer, Frusciante, Hendrix) use triads heavily so it was something I was aspiring to learn. I will definitely make sense of those songs/solos and analyze them after I got the hang of this.

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Mmm yeah, but in the video I kinda thought there were some backing tracks especially for this exercise. He mentions, for example, Walking On Sunshine.

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Personally I don’t think a song is an effective backing track for learning triad grips. I’m flat-out trying to work out what shape to play on a given set of 3 strings to leave any brain power for working out what chord is being played in the song.

I like to practice triads over standard four-chord progressions in various keys. Youtube is full of such backing tracks. The best ones display the chord being played on the screen. You only have four chords to think about and they repeat. Look for titles like “slow backing track in C major” for example.

I won’t post links because I’m not sure if it contravenes the Community rules.


Yep, the BT’s are the way to go. Two and three chord tracks are also very beneficial, as are drone tracks.

Cheers, Shane


People asked for it, I have done it.
Backing track for Walking On Sunshine created and available here:

This is not in the original key of Bb but in the key of G so the chords fit the lesson: G, C and D.
It is fast at 100bpm - but still slower than the original.

| G C | D C | repeated for intro, verses, 2nd part of chorus and outro

Important - the chords do not change on the count of 3 but are pushed and change on the a before 3 (counting 16ths). Look for the 1 and the a in this count shown in bold.

| 1 _ & _ 2 _ _ a _ e _ a 4 _ & _ | 1 _ & _ 2 _ _ a _ e _ a 4 _ _ _ |

| C | D | full bars of each repeated for 1st part of chorus

Because it is quick I have another - much slower - backing track here:

2 bars of G
2 bars of C
2 bars of D
2 bars of C

@TheeTdubs @Kuzflies @martzon @GiantPaul @jacksprat @sclay

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Great thanks for these. Is the idea that we use thd tracks just to help us get used to finding the right triads, in the various positions?

I’m guessing we’re not trying to do anything fancy (I’m not capable of ‘fancy’ yet :slight_smile: )


The first few posts here might give you inspiration…

Oh thanks Richard. That should be very helpful. I kinda feel I’ve got it, but I’d rather totally nail it before moving on, so your help is mucho appreciado, as we say in Aus

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