Major Triad Grips (Strings 1/2/3)

Grab your guitar! It's time to apply all your Triad knowledge and play some songs.

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I had those grips memorized in 1.3 seconds, the time it took to realize that those are the 3 chords used in Three Little Birds :rofl:

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Is it correct to call the first, second and third grips shown on the video 1st inversion (351) 2nd inversion (513) and root (135) triads?

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@Phoenix97 Yes that’s exactly what they are but it is more common to refer to them as the chord shape the are derived from.


Thank you very much Rick, I wanted to get sure if I really understood the lesson about inversions

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Yes, those inversion titles are exactly correct.

Cheers :smiley:

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Thanks Justin, this singlehandedly changed my guitar playing so much and taking my songs in my head into reality. Thanks again

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