Mal - February 2023 - A Simple Twist of Fate (Dylan) + Dixie Chicken (Little Feat) + Willin' To (Little Feat) + 8 Days A Week (Beatles)

Pretty groovy song there well played, great performance all round.

Thank you kindly sir. :sunglasses:

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Classic Mal and his blues groove, what not to love?! All the best

And to you Adrian thank you.

Tried some finger picking on this one, critique and comments welcome.


Lovely performance and recording, Mal. I can only say I enjoyed it, beyond me to offer any critique beyond that.

Nice song enjoyed the playing and singing!

In keeping with Community Recordings guidelines, I’ve merged your three recordings posted up in Feb into a single Topic, Mal, and updated the Topic Title accordingly.

I included a date in the title so hopefully folk will see that and it will help them to know there’s a new song, not just more replies when they spot it in Latest on the Community Landing Page.

Added the links to the new songs in the OP (Original Post)

Thank you David. I did look in the ‘Community Recordings’ section though did not see space for it? Will explore again later. Pleased you enjoyed the song. :smiley:

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Thanks Rob.

Some really nice fingerstyle there Mal, I enjoyed that one. The lyric struck me as having difficult phrasing which you coped with well while keeping the picking pattern going.
Good stuff, well done.

Hi Gordon, thanks, pleased you enjoyed this. The lyrics are not really a problem, it is more the fingers , making sure it hangs together. It turned out quite well though.

Cracking pace to that pattern Mal and what came across as another effortless performance, though i’m sure it’s not!!
You’re absolutely killing it at the moment sir! :clap: :clap: :+1:

Thanks Mark, Pleased you enjoyed this. I have actually been working on a different song which is more challenging, timing and such, and so had a rest from that and played this. It came out ok and so posted it. :smiley: :smiley: And you are correct it certainly is not effortless, am always attempting to learn something more when playing.

Excellent performance Malc. I have always loved this song. I think you may have inspired me. :wink: Thanks!

You are more than welcome sir, thank you, pleased you enjoyed it. :smiley:

@Malz I really enjoyed that! I love Willin and wouldn’t have thought of playing it fingerstyle but it works beautifully.

Thanks Michael, pleased you enjoyed my version. Yes I have been messing around with finger style on this for a while, it does work, still love the slide in the original though. :smiley:

Here is my last song for this month. Always loved this, thought I would try it.


A prolific and productive February there Mal, rounded out with another banger :slight_smile: