Mamma Mia by ABBA Lesson

Learn to play Mamma Mia by ABBA on JustinGuitar!

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Interesting, I was waiting for this to come along as Justin had done a little preview on Instagram recently.

We have been doing this song at the guitar club although transposed with different chord grips and using capo as two females are doing the vocals,

Some nice ideas for embellishments.

Thanks Justin

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Another great tutorial!
Not for the first time I like Justin’s cover of a song more than the original recording :grin:

Fun lesson, but looks like the tab isn’t working

Superb playthrough from Justin on this, like @Gunhild I’d far rather listen to this than the original!! One more for the list… :smiley:

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I want a playlist with Justin’s covers in Spotify. Guitar playing was always great, but the vocal improved so much recently.

Teacher the way you’ve worked out the dynamics is super, it works just great to the ear! Your songs lessons are always so inspiring!

Is there a TAB coming?

Hi, checking out Mama Mia and the Tab is not yet working.
Thanks Mods

There is often a delay from the lesson going live to the TAB being available - not too long hopefully. :wink:

Thanks for getting the tab up - intro melody bit is not what Justin is playing/teaching.