March music 2024 updated 14.03

I’ve been working on this one on and off for a while and I’ve decided it’s time to upload it and put it to bed. It has been a fun and frustrating one to learn. Guitar was going through my Focusrite and I just downloaded a distortion patch for the ToneLib software.

Also as part of a 2024 goal I want to record and upload more songs this year.

I hope you all enjoy. Comments and critique welcome. :slight_smile:


Your tone sunds great, Stefan. That was quite a work out, the barre chords and all those down strums. Lots of fun to hear. Well done.

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Nice job, I am currently working on this song myself. I didn’t see anything wrong with this performance.

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Nice job Stefan :clap: That song looks like a chord and strumming workout! You did a great job and I enjoyed the guitar tone

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

That was great! I enjoyed your performance a lot.

This song is on my own wishlist, because I’m currently working on Power Chords. Or I should say: struggling with PCs a lot :sweat_smile:
You made it look cool and effortless :sunglasses:

Critique? Who am I?? Sorry, as an absolute beginner I surely don’t qualify for that. But my awesome guitar teacher keeps saying “if it sounds good, it is good” :wink:
And your Basketcase sounded very good to me. :+1:

Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work! :sunflower:

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Great guitar performance with the backing track. It was definitely enjoyable to watch. :slight_smile: It must not have been that easy to learn since the chord change are pretty fast, but the result is worth it.

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Love it Stefan! :sunglasses: That looks quite like challenging :exploding_head:

I also love how you’re putting it :joy: So you know already what happens after a good sleep…you wake up with bags of energy…so let it sleep soundly…I wonder though as this is high energy running already!

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:metal: You rock, Stefan! :metal:

Great performance and what a workout for both strumming and fretting hand. The first section was extremly fast. :scream: But you pushed through and it sounded great. Very solid rhythm throughout the song. Most of all, you made it look like it’s easy peasy, but it definitely is not. Great stuff.

You choice of tone was perfect, suits the piece. :+1:

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Wow Sarge,
I think you need to pick up the pace a bit. Your melting strumming hand was just not moving fast enough… LOL - JK as I think you were smokin there dude! Great tone on the guitar and a moving song for sure. What was the tempo on that one?

Keep up the good work in 24’. I dare say this is a good start!


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Great job @SgtColon !!! That was awesome!

Your strumming hand is sooo smooth, fast and accurate. I’m working in other Green Day songs and it makes me appreciate your effort even more.

Love the tone as well, very close to perfection :metal:

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Nice work! Makes me want to revisit this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Hey Stefan, I know from painful experience this is not an easy one to pull off at full tempo, this is cracking work!
Proper tone too, love it. :metal::metal::guitar::guitar:

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I can only echo others here Stafan, WOW :scream: great work, awesome sound I thought. Well done.

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Nice work Stefan. This one is surprisingly tricky for what is “theoretically” a straightforward power chord song. Palm muting, accents, pushes, power chords and barre chords - and don’t underestimate the complexity of remembering the composition of the song as you go through it!

I feel you on “put it to bed” - I end up doing that with songs too. You did great. I could hear there were a few times you slipped off the beat or missed a push, but it’s really quite hard to get a song this fast perfect (which shouldn’t be the goal anyway IMHO).

Curiously - what was frustrating, or still is?

I’m looking to see more of your videos this year!

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@DavidP @Jwaters @Jenndye429 @Gunhild @math07 @SILVIA @LBro @CarlosAP @jBreck @Notter

Thank you for the listen and the great comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to check it out.


@CD02 @jkahn Thanks for the listen chaps, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

@jkahn The most frustrating thing for me JK was the beginning part where there is no beat to help keep in time. It took me quite a while to have that bit anywhere near in the right time.

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Nice one Stefan. A real workout there mate, and you smoked it!. Thought somethin’ was gonna light up there for a minute…not sure if it was ya jumper, your fingers, or the guitar.
Keep em comin mate. :+1:

Cheers, Shane

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Very Nice! I am wood-chipping on that also, but no-where near ready for filming. It really is a bit of a workout.

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Good morning Stefan…I’m awake :smiley:…nice start to my day
:sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: I liked it very much :sunglasses:
Thanks and greetings

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Hi Stefan. Wow my strumming hand is sore just watching! Great tone and a real power chord/barre chord work out. Never mind putting the song to bed, you’ll be ready for bed after that.
Well done.

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