Martin travel guitar?

Morning all,
I have the opportunity to buy a second hand Martin Travel Guitar at a good price.

I was thinking it might be easier to take on a train and in my rather small sports car (which is my only car) than my full size guitar.

I won’t get much chance to try it out before making a decision, any opinions on them? What should I looking out for re condition?

It’s the Backpacker by the way, I should have said in my original post!

I have had one of these and would not recommend them, make sure you play it first.
The shape is not the best, and the strings cannot be more than light. Hope that helps. But do try it first. :smiley:


I’ve tried the Martin backpacker and would not recommend it. The tone is terrible and due to the shape it does not sit nicely on your leg. You really need a strap and even then you have to squeeze it to your body with your arm.
The only thing it’s got going for it is it’s size and portability. If you can get one second hand and super super cheap then give it a go.

I’ve been round the block with travel guitar research. Have a look here.
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and here.
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Thank you both, useful insight, I think I will give it a miss

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The challenge I’ve had with smaller guitars, esp the Martin travel guitar, is getting a sound full enough to satisfy me. Have tried many of the minis and found them lacking. The Taylor GS-mini being the exception. The other exception is when the mini is plugged into an amp. I owned a Mini Maton for a few years, best description for it is: Underwhelming. For travel I use the Journey OF-660 which I’m quite happy with. The sound isn’t as full as my full size guitars but it comes close enough.

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They are physically small, but have mediocre sound quality and volume due to the small resonant cavity. The 24" scale length may take a bit to get used to, depending on what you normally play. If it’s cheap and it allows you to play on the road, go for it. It should make a decent practice guitar. Just don’t plan on everyone at the party hearing what you are playing.

I have a Journey OF312 as a travel guitar. Definitely loud enough, and good tone (IMHO), but not as loud and full as a dreadnaught.

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