Masters of war - Pearl jam

Happy new year everyone! :partying_face:

I have had this on my list for a long long time. And i could not get it to sound right on an acoustic.
But i have worked on it for some time on electric and with pick,and suddenly something just clicked.
It should be easy enough.
But i use a pick, witch i almost never use. And there is a lot of string/palm muting.
Never the less. I am rather happy with it as it camed out. There is still a lot of work with it, but this will be on my short list, and i will continue working on it.
This can be played pretty raw and sound ok.
I am off to a new open mic next week. And i am really tempted to have a go with this.

Well. Here it goes, first AVOYP with a pick and some heavy electric sound…


JUDAS! :scream:
Haha, only joking. It’s great to see you spreading your wings and having fun :wink:
I like the sound you dialed in there. It works well.
My only pickiness would be the balance. Your vocals are to low for the amplified guitar. Good excuse for a post-Christmas mic purchase? :rofl:
It’ll go down well at an open mic, esp if you have a guy at the sound desk.
Rock on! :metal:

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Always loved this song and good to see another cover here on these pages @crocodile1 Leo did likewise about 18 months ago or there about. Agree with Brian the tone sounds really good with that heavy pm going on. As usual it was well sung Trond but the vocals were a little swamped.
Top stuff all the same !


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I love this to @TheMadman_tobyjenner sadly this song is just as important today as it was in the 60s with Dylan…

Yep. I know there is a couple of versions of it here in the forum. @CT also has an brilliant version.

Agree with you and @brianlarsen, the mushie vocal. Placed the phone on top of the amp :rofl:


Definitely one to do at your open mic next week. Yes!

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:metal: :metal: Seriously good stuff, Trond! :clap:

Loved the tone, that’s a great fit to the song. Vocals were great, too (but I’d echo they could have been a tad bit louder, though). Playing sounded good to my ears to.

That’s for sure a good go-to option for the upcoming open mic! :+1:

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for listening in @Lisa_S and @Eccleshall

I am actually quite proud of this one to be honest. I have spent a good amount of time to find this spesific tone that i liked, and i think it sounds awsome :rofl: i have not paid any interest in that stuff before recently.

I am also superproud that i am a little bit up to speed on using pick, something that has taken me a long long time to get a hang on.

Dont think im going with a lot of pick on acoustic, but on an electric i find a pick to be pretty mandatory.


Did you ask for permission before using that particular axe ! :rofl:

Hehehe… i have an agreement with Tuva that i keep it downstairs and use it when i want… @TheMadman_tobyjenner

( And she can use my acoustic whenever she wants is involved in that deal :rofl: ) she prefere the Epi.
But each to they’re own :rofl: i would take that Strat every day of the week… she says the Epi sits better in her lap and the neck is easier to

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Sounds great, Trond. Three cheers on progress made with pick and tone. You nailed it.

Now the trick is the balance, which is going to be a big challenge if making the recording with just your phone.

Maybe your amp has a master volume control, in addition to the gain and volume controls? If so maybe you can get the tone and just turn the loudness down?

Otherwise I suppose all you can do is move the amp as far away as possible, bringing the phone as close to you as possible.

Some mention of a mic. A condensor with a cardiod pattern ie picks up from directly in front and behind could be an option. And you do get such mics that plug into your phone. I think @CT records this way … any tips, Clint?

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Love it, Trond! Brilliant tone, getting down and dirty, worked perfect :metal::sunglasses: Definitely one for your next open mic! :smiley::+1:

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I also really like the tone. Your Open Mic audience will be in for a treat :slight_smile:

While I agree that the balance between vocals and guitar could be better, I think there is something that nobody has mentioned so far. And that’s the fragility (for the lack of a better word). For some reason Eddie Vedder is always a bit “too much” in this song. So, I think your more fragile style in this song really helps to convey the meaning of the lyric. Don’t know if this makes any sense :slight_smile:

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Thanks for checking out @DavidP and @nzmetal :grin:
Yeah. I need to get into some low down and dirty «grunge» sound, love the sound from the 90s :grin:

Yep. Balance is the key @DavidP. Could probably turn down the amp a little bit and move it away from the phone… or… i could go down the biggest rabbit hole of them all… soundrecording :rofl: not sure i would sound any better though :rofl:

@JokuMuu yep i do know what you are saying :grin: It depends on witch performance you watch.
Some of them Eddie Vedder really gives in other he is not. His versions is very different from each other. But yeah… when he really goes at it it can sound a bit «too much» me personally loves his style, there are few vocalists that get so much hate as Eddie V. On the web, and i can see where it comes from. His tone and style is not for everyone…
nice to hear from you again Nicole, hope things are looking brighter now than it did last week :grin:


… I used to be a huge Pearl Jam fan in the early 2000s. Yes, I know exactly what you mean :slight_smile:

Used to be?? Where did it go wrong? :rofl:

Hmm… The more recent albums? :nerd_face: At some point everything started to sound so samey…

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Hi Trond,
Well, all the good things have been said, so there are only “bad” words left for me to say… :grimacing:

Ooonoo, that wasn’t necessery :sweat_smile: or it must be that I’m a little jealous of how you sing, my goodness. I could play thousands of songs if I could ever learn 80% of that you do,

So for now :clap: :clap: :clap: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :bouquet:

They will like it to where you go :sunglasses:


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Do it!

That was excellent, Trond. Great tone and vocals. I think it will go down really well at your next OM.

Good to see you using a pick as well. How are you getting on with it?

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Just added Dylan’s version to my SongbookPro ! :+1:

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Very nice! Great looking guitar and I dig the tone. I didn’t know you had an electric to play around with. I liked this a lot.

Interestingly enough (or not) I have never recorded a live electric guitar and vocal track with my iPhone. This is something I hadn’t thought to do, but has been added to my long list of things to do in the coming weeks. That said, I would put the amp way back in the room (also would add some space = free reverb) and place the iPhone close in order to pick up my vocals a bit better.

Well done sir!

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