**Masters of War**

I’ve been thumping around on this one for a while. Since the Bobby D original is perfect it was never my intention to record it. Turn off the TV, throw in a couple of personal tweaks and suddenly recording it served as a bit of a release valve: Masters of War


Commented on youtube Clint.
Thumbs up from me.

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Thanks! I appreciate the support and comments both here and on the tubez.

Clint, I am glad you opted to turn on your phone, record, and share.

Short of playing only original songs, I guess we all resort to playing other people’s songs. Some folk may be able to play them just like the original, but most of us just give it our best shot. How much reinterpretation there may be sure does vary.

I always enjoy your renditions of other people’s songs. You have great feel to play and sing the songs you choose, be it from Bobby D or John P.

From where I sit, I enjoy your renditions as much as listening to the originals, irrespective of the level of perfection or imperfection. Always feels authentic, from the heart.

So keep on playing and sharing, brings joy to me.

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I enjoyed this one a lot. Your vox flowed nicely through the song. All came together to make a nice listen. If nothing else, this one is timely and must have been on your mind.


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Hi Clint,
I caught this on the ‘tubez’ in bed this morning, but was on my phone so didn’t comment.
Had another listen now and enjoyed it just as much, if not more.
Well, the Coast 2 Coast chuckle brothers kicked it off with their 3-chord howler.
I stripped it down to 3-chord minimalism without variation.
Clint goes and ups the ante by playing a 2-chord classic, without bridges/chorus and shows how to mesmerise with embellishments and authenticity.
I wouldn’t worry about deferring to Bobby’s ‘original’.
Mr. Zimmerframe wrote the lyrics but ‘borrowed’ the arrangement from Jean Ritchie’s Notamun Town (and stumped up a couple of grand for it later).
We all stand on the shoulders of giants, dude.
The trick is to choose your pillars wisely and enjoy doing your best with what you have :smiley:
Oh yeah, I nearly forgot-
Peace! :dove: :peace_symbol: :vulcan_salute:


Lovely job Clint, thanks for sharing. :clap:

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Thank-you, Clint for sharing the deja vu many of us are experiencing. Your rendition of this Dylan tune was well played and hit the mark. The lyrics and your vocalization says it all.

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That was awesome. I’d watched a couple of your videos previously but hadn’t heard you sing. Your voice sounds real rock n roll. This whole performance had soul, really gripping. Thanks for sharing.

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Oh yeah, there are some clams in there. Thanks for the kind words.

Definitely heartfelt with a passion bucket filled to the rim. Releasing songs can have an almost cleansing effect afterwards. Not so with this one. I’m still a bit raw about the war machines and profiteers. Further discussion would lead to politics, so I will stop here.

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Thank you.

Much as I am sure many have strong feelings and would like to let their voices be heard at this time (and many other times in the past), I do believe the Community Etiquette guidelines to stay away from such topics are best for this Community and its purpose for being.

Thanks LBro! I wasn’t really after a nice listen, but I can appreciate the comment.

Haha! Thanks for that @brianlarsen. It’s almost a stretch to call this a 2-chord song. It’s a partial D chord with alternating bass, some bass runs and a little slidey thing that I added to break up the monotony. War is getting monotonous so there needs to be a noticeable amount.

All our modern music is derivative to a lesser or greater degree. Bobby D pulled heavily from roots music early on. Did I change this enough to make it unique? Probably not. The fact that I didn’t play in a minor key was a bit of a departure.

Thank you sir!

I appreciate the listen and kind comment!

Thank you sir for the really kind words. I do cover songs every so often – it’s not the most fun for me, as I’m not a great singer. Songs seem to choose me and then haunt me if I don’t stylize, record and release them. Sometimes I can’t move on until I do. It’s crazy, but that’s how things tend to go for me. :slight_smile:

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Dylan was singing about a different war, another time, but nothing changes does it. The human race will never learn and never be satisfied with what it’s got and will endlessly search for the route to destruction.

Terrific version Clint, the emotion and feeling dripped from your vocal and your playing. Just great my friend.

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I love that album so much, and you made it justice while feeling original.
Great to see someone hitting those little arrangements but still getting lost in the lyrics while singing.

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Thanks Gordon! I did about five takes and determined to choose the best of the five and then move on. None were where I wanted them to be. A comment from another message board mentioned that this would have made sense for drop D. SMH, if I ever play this again I will do that. :slight_smile:

War is universally tragic and seems never ending. New boogeymen appear constantly.

Thank you sir! I filled up the passion bucket as best I could within my vocal range (or lack thereof). LOL