Maybe a smile (original)

Six weeks in, and it’s amazing what is possible after such a short time.

The song started out with a smile send to @SDKissFan in form of some lyrics.

After a week the lyrics were still in my head and they were screaming for an additional verse and for music.

Then the melody for the chorus formed in my head out of nowhere. I’m still not sure whether I did not accidentally create a plagiate of a well known song. Please let me know.

It’s intentional that the chorus sounds more optimistic every time it is played in the song. The verses are a work on progress, I am not happy with how they sound and they will with a high degree of certainty change their stumming pattern etc. still over the course of the next weeks and months.

The singing, well, I am not a fan of autotune or similar, so excuse the flaws :slightly_smiling_face:

Given that the song has a somewhat folly flavour, I thought it is ok to improvise in the verses.

As to recording quality: I have recorded the song with my cell phone and the images are again mirrored. I will collect better equipment over the years, but I need to get my song out there now, because tomorrow I will hate it already.

A special thank you goes out to @Blobbyblob , who taught me that every letter is a song and to @SDKissFan who gave me the basic idea for the key.


Maybe a smile

Maybe a smile from a fool back in Finland
Can help make your life just a little bit more fun then ( x 2)

When you are low and you suffer from stress
When your work life is mainly a mess
When the sun is shining and people have fun
When work ties you to your desk with a gun

Then maybe a smile from a fool back in Finland
Can help make your life just a more fun then (x2)

When you are low and you’re searching your car
When you know that it cannot have gone far
Buried under snow in this horrid snow storm
And you keep telling yourself that this can’t be the norm

Then maybe a smile from a fool back in Finland
Can help make your life just a more fun then (x2)

Hi Nicole,

I loved the song and you do definitively help my life be a little more fun. This was so special. Thank you for taking the step to record in share it. One suggestion I recommend is play an instrumental a bit longer after the first chorus. Just run through the chord progression once with no words. I do this in a spot where a solo would make sense. Overall you are doing amazing with this song. I’m very proud of you.


Bravo, Nicole. Lots of positives and a creation you can built on and polish over time.

Well done!

Well done, its great to have some creative ability. Lots to build on for next time.

@SDKissFan Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:Confessedly, I am already more than embarrassed. Usually, I am the type who overhinks everything. Meaning there was a 0,05 % chance to even record this - and a much less smaller chance to publish it here. But then, I won’t delete this anymore, even if it may offend the delicate ears of most people.

@DavidP Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: That’s the idea. I know it’s very flawed, but maybe that,s exactly the point. To have a monumental reference point of what is possible now, without checking any theory of songwriting, with knowing so little and playing so badly still. It will be a so big adventure to see what is possible, say within one or two years.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: This was pure emotion. The first time ever putting music to something I have written. I know it’s far, far, far from good. But I also know that there is “something” - and I wanted to catch that something before it flies away.

And then there is one very important aspect that I will always refer back to, should I be stagnating, plateauing or what not. The pure expression of joy on my face in that last chorus.

It’s all worth it :smiley:


Congratulations, Nicole
You did it! :smiley:
That’s the only important thing in life.
It really doesn’t matter what others think of your song, although I’m sure many will be envious.
Lots of positives. Lots to work on
A fine production for such a short time and a great baseline to measure progress from :sunglasses:

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Amazing!! After such a short time as well :raised_hands:t2:
Just keep it up, lots to be proud of.
I am impressed! :+1::grin:

@brianlarsen Thank you. I feel like a kid in a candy store, or is it an explorer charting unknown territories. This is magic, this I wonderland.

Now I will do research on recording hardware, what kind of computer I need, what microphones I need, recording software, a better amp. Who cares that I will have to save money for a long time. This is heaven.

I actually forgot to put you my list of people to thank. I admire your lyrics writing talent, and to some extend it was that, what inspired me to write myself. Tack so mycket, Brian (Swedish, probably close enough to your Danish roots).

@tRONd Don’t be :slightly_smiling_face: I was playing. With words, with music. There is so much that’s missing (still). So much to add, so much to correct and take away. But there is something, a nucleus that has potential. Maybe it will turn into something better at some point. Maybe it won’t. The only thing that I know for sure is that I love, love, love playing with words and music.

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Aww, that’s so nice of you to say. I have produced some pretty embarrassing stuff along the way :roll_eyes: but we will only get better if we ‘do’ it and learn from experience. Two bits of advice, which you probably already know:

  1. You don’t need any technology to write and record songs. Pencil, paper and guitar are enough. Especially in the early days, trying to make things sound ‘more professional’ can be fun, but doesn’t help make a better song.
  2. Take a lesson from @CT’s book of just doing ‘your own thing’ and not trying too hard to emulate others.

Hi Nicole,
How good that you started your own thing so quickly, :sunglasses: :clap: don’t worry about the computer-technique for a long time please … you will make the biggest steps by practicing changing chords and getting the rhythm guitar under control ,at least a little bit more because perfect is never a must :smiley:, a songwriter has not much more necessary … yes ,you can buy you a studio+++, but not necessary … have fun with it :sunglasses:

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Congratulations Nicole. A fantastic achievement so early in you guitar learning journey. Keep on catching those ‘somethings before they fly away’. That’s where @brianlarsen pencil and paper come in really handy. Bravo.

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Sounds interesting. Do you have a link or something?

And there actually is a song on your words. Not with that exact phrasing, but the idea. Do you mind if I “steal” it from you at some point in time? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I look foward to listening to the output of that idea :smile:

Onzettend bedankt :slightly_smiling_face: You are surely correct, and before I should let my creativity run free, I have to concentrate on the basics, I know. It should become my mantra: Be patient, be patient, be patient :smiley:

Hardware, software, microphones etc. was my husband’s reaction, when I showed him to that song. In other words, his way to tell him “Hey, it’s not utterly disgusting, but there is some room for improvement”. He is a senior IT-something, something ( I always forget the correct title) so this was his way to show me that this is something worth investing in. And that’s so much easier for Finns to say and do than saying something kitschy like “I love you” :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do it all together…let the creativity run free …please :smiley:…concentrate on the basics AND be patient :smiley: :sunglasses: … and they will often collide a bit :wink:
I need a base before I can let myself go with the guitar, and luckily I have a lot of patience :smile: :sweat_smile: and I am creative in many ways and areas…

…we all run a little differently but are here together one in the love of music :sunglasses:

Good husband :smile:

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I do get your point(s) :slightly_smiling_face: And yes, he is a good husband. He has some quirks, but we all have, and I do love him much.

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Hello Nicole, you’re always good for a surprise :star_struck:. Congratulations on your first original. What a big step :smiley:.
I totally agree with you. There is definitely lots of potential in this song. And it was a wise idea to record it. So, now it’s here and you can’t forget it anymore. You can always come back to it along your guitar journey, improve it bit by bit, until it finally is exactly the way you want it to be :slightly_smiling_face:.

Keep on being creative :blush:.

Hi Nicole,

you never fail to surprise and impress me in a very, very positive way! :smiley:
That was very well done with respect on how long your journey was so far! :clap: What a great fundament to build on and a sweet base to grow, I like this tune. This is definitely nothing to be embarrassed about, quite the opposite: you can be proud of yourself and this tune. :slight_smile:

Keep it going and flowing smoothly and patiently, you’re right on track.