Maybe a smile (original)

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Let’s say there is a lot to unpack and develop, once my skills get better… but yes, being creative is so much fun.

Hi Nicole, I’m playing catch up on the many things I have missed recently, so I am a bit late to the party here, but so glad I caught this one!! Wow! Well done. this is a super cool song you’ve created! :clap: :smiley: Congrats!! :star_struck: :+1:
I really enjoyed it and certainly brought a smile to my face! :slightly_smiling_face: :sunglasses:

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your feedback and it really makes me happy that I could make you smile :blush:

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I really like this song! You’ve managed to get a sort of bittersweet and melancholic feel which, to me, is quit hard to achieve but always makes a song very emotionally captivating. Good work!

I need to get my song out there now, because tomorrow I will hate it already.

I can relate to this 100%. It’s a thrill making a new song, but that high melts away quite quickly. I’ve heard this referred to as “The Creator’s Curse” which basically states that we feel less satisfied with what we make because own ability and self-expectation constantly grow in parallel. Basically, a moving finish line.

The singing, well, I am not a fan of autotune or similar, so excuse the flaws

I’m always a fan of recordings that keep it human :+1: