Maybe I don’t need a ‘travel guitar’

My wife and I are currently in a holiday cottage in North Wales, partly as an Easter break and partly because yesterday was our 43rd wedding anniversary.
It has chucked it down with rain since we got here.

View from the patio door!

On Tuesday we went for a bike ride and got soaked to the skin. This was of course my fault as apparently I’m meant to be able to control the weather :worried:. Thank goodness we’ve got E-bikes as to say the terrain around here is hilly would be an understatement.

However. What’s this?

Yes, I’ve brought my guitar with me. After thinking for ages about buying a ‘travel guitar’ I decided at the last minute to stick my guitar in the car and bring it with me. It’s in it’s hard case so should be safe enough.

I brought some song books with me and I’m currently looking out at the rain and going through my campfire repertoire (and a bit of Layla too).
My wife is engrossed in her book so all is well.

Must be nearly time for a lunch time glass of wine!:smiley:


From what I recall indoor pursuits are mandatory for holidays in Wales. Despite some sunny holidays with my parents and scout camps back in the 60s and early 70s, every time I took my missus there it chucked it down and of course these were camping holidays and I was also responsible for the weather. Happy days, just as well you packed the old plucker Gordon.

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My wife won’t be happy at being called that Toby! :joy:


You should be used to a bit of rain. Its a good job those E-bikes didn’t run out of juice otherwise you would have been singing for your supper. I haven’t been in Wales in years. The last time I went was to Pontneddfechan and enjoyed the Brecon Beacons waterfalls walk. Enjoy your break and welsh rarebit.

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Hi Gordon,
Happy 43th anniversary celebration :bouquet: :rose: :cherry_blossom:…and for the savings of a travel guitar you can throw(drink) a lot of sunshine inside :upside_down_face:… wish you lots of fun together there… :sunflower: :sun_with_face::fire: :open_umbrella:

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Congrats on the anniversary, Gordon.

I won’t tell your wife that you put in the request for rain to have more time to play the guitar.

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This made me chuckle. Come on Gordon you should really have seen that rain coming. Maybe suggest a nice anniversary “waltz” with the missus, in the time honoured fashion !

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Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs Gordon.

You should know better than to go away when school holidays are on. Rain guaranteed.

A good job you put the guitar in the car.

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I am just glad I know who is responsible for the weather now!

I do like the rainy day, we need them in dry denver and it is a good excuse to sit in and play guitar all day. It is so sunny here we feel we need to be outside all the time.

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Well, you got a few things right, rain is beyond control so shouldn’t be your fault, that said according to my Mrs everything is my fault!
Anyway the bright side is being able to play!
Anyway, happy anniversary, time for some of the Amber nectar!
Hope the weather improves, have a good rest before you get back to the fray!

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Wales…its that old joke “How do you know it’s summer in Wales? Answer:The rain is warm”



Congrats on your Wedding anniversary Gordon and fortuitous that you threw that guitar in the back! sounds like you are both having a nice time anyway.

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Happy 43th anniversary Gordon!! :partying_face::birthday::clap:

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All the best Gordon on your Anniversary :slight_smile:

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Happy anniversary to you and the Mrs, Gordon. And thankfully you don’t need sunshine to play guitar! :smiley:

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Hi Gordon,
I’m looking out over the river Dee towards North Wales to give you and the missus a cheerful wave, but the weather is so poxy, I can’t even see the far shore :roll_eyes:
If you fancy swinging by for a cuppa on the way home, we’re not a million miles off the beaten track.

If it’s any consolation, Scotland is not faring much better-
I had a phone call from my son who’s living in a tent in the Highlands and he said strong winds and horizontal sleet have destroyed his abode. Good job he didn’t take me up on my offer to get in touch with you to look for somewhere to kip for the night! :rofl:

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Happy anniversary to you and Mrs Gordon.

Looks like you already have a travel guitar. That Martin looks comfortable taking in what
little sun light there is. No chance of getting a sun burn.

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Things are starting to look better in weather department!

However, we’ve had a power cut all afternoon and everything here works off electricity. Fortunately there is a wood burning stove so we haven’t frozen.
I’ve just poured myself a beer and my wife a glass of wine. Both are warm because the fridge has been off.
Holidays, don’t you just love them. :smiley:

Hope the win is red wine and I though folk in the UK enjoyed room temperature beer :laughing:

Glad the weather is cheering up.

And can empathise with power outages, though I thought nobody does that better than we do :laughing:

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Don’t know what they have for bugs where you’re at but if the bugs come out when the
sun shines and you use bug spray when you go for your bike ride make sure you wash it of
before you touch your Martin.
Bug spray will destroy the nito finish on your guitar.

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