Merry xmas

Merry Christmas. :christmas_tree: :santa:

Hoping next year to do much better. Goal is to do a solo performance next xmas. Started working on this in November.


You’re doing well, Jason, keep on keeping on and you’ll keep on learning and improving.

Lovely setting for the video … tree, stocking, and open fire.

Merry Christmas!

Hello Jason,
thanks a lot for this very nice version of Silent Night. I always struggle with holding the pace low enough, when I play this song :see_no_evil:. But you played it nicely and slowly - exactly the way it should be :blush:.
And such an atmospheric setting :fire::christmas_tree::candle:.
A wonderful Christmas to you :hugs:.

Hello Jason, I think you’re doing great, melodies like this are not easy to play, they require a lot of focus and connection with the fretboard. I love practicing melodies, even if they are quite demanding. I agree with David: keep on keeping on! Thank you for sharing this! :blush:

Well done Jason! And a belated MX to you too!

Thanks all

Happy new year!!!


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Some good and steady fingerpicking there Jason. Loved the mood of the video as well. Well done.

Nice one!

I wasn’t at a level where I can play christmas songs this year, but its my goal to at least learn this one by next year

Thanks ,happy new new year!
Hope this year rocks for all.

Well played Jason, can really hear the progress you’ve made.

The video made me feel like it’s Christmas again, so I hope it’s ok to bump the thread and wish you a Merry Christmas in January. :smiley: And best of luck with your goal. :crossed_fingers:

p.s.: Mixing in Greensleeves there was a cool idea! :slight_smile: