Metallica - Creeping Death (cover)

Holy cow Jeff! That was some awesome playing. Just mesmerising to watch. Man, you can’t half shred those guitars of yours.

Everything you put on here is great and something I would love to aspire to. :metal: :metal:

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What can I say, Jeff?
Wow! :metal: :smiling_imp: :metal:
Next level stuff.
What impresses me even more is that you say you put this together in an evening.
The playing time alone is almost a quarter of an hour! And then there’s the processing/editing. You must have been motöring with no sleep at all :wink:
Take a bow

Morining Rogier,

Screw the jacket. This is what we want to see :rofl:


It actually looks like it because without touching the stairs I always get up :grin:

Hi Jeff, nice and busy here when you start your computer in a bit later …I just listened to it again to wake up properly :sunglasses:


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In that case I’m one of the minority too :metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2:
Epica, Unleash the Archers, Spiritbox, Porcupine tree etc etc :metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2:

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:rofl: You’re not kidding! Sorry for the tardy reply, a very fun conversation to wake up to this morning though! :joy:

Awesome! :metal:

Aw what a shame! I’d love to see it, my current one is Slayer inspired too. In fact I started it specifically for a Slayer concert (which unfortunately got cancelled) but has the Hell Awaits cover as a backpatch. I’m sure there’s plenty on mine too that’s a bit, well um, cringe worthy! :sweat_smile: But nothing is serious, all just well meaning good fun :wink: :joy:
Like @Helen0609 said, we’ll have to remind you again at Christmas! :metal::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks Stefan!! That is very kind of you to say and so glad you enjoyed watching!

:joy: I wondered if maybe four different shots of me playing could be erring on the side of a bit much?! :dizzy_face: :rofl: But I was having fun with the video editing and thought why not! :sweat_smile:
Thanks again for checking it out Stefan, really appreciate it! :smiley::+1:

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Hi Brian, thanks for watching, super appreciate you checking it out and for your kind words!! :hugs:

Yeah, although it did take allllll evening! :weary: :sweat_smile: I recorded both takes back to back, which took about 15-20mins like you say but then I spent ages working with the video and audio to make sure everything synced up, looked okay, sounded okay, etc.! It was the first time I had really recorded the audio separately and used multiple video files, so it was a learning process bringing it all together. :nerd_face: :sweat_smile:

Haha excellent! :metal::joy:

We need footage of that! Must be an amazing sight to behold! :astonished: :rofl:

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That’s what I like to hear mate!! Loving your choices too! :metal::confounded:

Looks like Rogier is in the minority with us too eh?! :wink: :metal::sweat_smile:


Bravo! That was really good. I had a go at this one some time ago but it’s hard to keep up with the tempo. Your stamina is admirable. I’m happy if I can make it till Kirk’s breakdown riff so I can give that picking hand a rest, but I get a bit sloppy halfway through the song. Well done man.

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Thanks Jeff! :hugs: Yeah it’s a work out for sure!! :confounded: :tired_face: :sweat_smile: I think practicing Master of Puppets has helped me build my stamina, that thing’s a marathon! :joy:
Thanks again for your kind words, I’d loved to see you cover this one some time too if you happen to revisit it!! :metal: :smiley:

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Being bit slow on listening duty lately but finally got some time to listen to this piece! Jeff you are a natural shredder, awesome! You played it really tight your sense of rhythm is impeccable! Well done again, I am sure one day you’ll get onto this solo, just start with something easier and slowly but surely move up a notch with each new solo you learn :slight_smile: all the best!

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Thanks Adi! So glad you were able to check it out and thank you for your kind words and encouragement! :smiley: :+1:

That is great advice, thank you! It is something that has been on my radar to look at moving more into. I always just considered myself a rhythm guitarist and could ignore solos but more and more I’ve been contemplating having a go. I’ll look for some easy ones to start with and begin the journey. It would be amazing to one day play a solo like Kirk does in this track, so I guess I need to start practicing! :joy:

Hi Jeff,
I woke up a 2nd day with a wide smile here :smiley: :sunglasses: … have a nice day

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Regarding down-picking and fatigue, allow me to link 2 very interesting videos that I came across… both from the same guy (he has a TON of great Metallica content).

This first idea really works for me… and was not hard to do at all. It’s about throwing in an occasional up-pick, at specific points in those challenging riffs. With this idea I can indeed play the MoP riff pretty much without tensing up or getting fatigued. Check it out:

Second video I want to link is one where he talks about how James play those songs live, compared to the album versions (which were NOT one takes at all btw… it’s well documented how Metallica struggled to record their own music throughout their career).

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Okay wow! That’s a whole world of awesome right there!! Thanks for sharing @Kasper!!
I’m subscribed to Mike @the-Art-of-guitar, love his channel, but hadn’t caught up with these vids yet! (Seriously my “watch later” list on YouTube runs into the thousands! :joy:). Chances are I might not have seen these for another… year or more!!? So stoked you brought them up and can’t wait to give it a nudge. Especially the stagger stroke, that looks like a total game changer. I’ve been all about “must play all downstrokes!” but that looks like it would save my forearm from falling off and possibly even sound better! :sweat_smile:

Yeah that’s interesting to hear. I’m sure I remember Rick Beato mention (when breaking down MOP) that they would record the tracks slower whilst being slightly down tuned then speed it up for what’s actually published on the album so they could get it super tight? Makes sense and wouldn’t take anything away from them as they play everything at even higher blistering speeds live, but good to know they’re not totally super human! :muscle: :joy:
I am going to work on the stagger for MOP and see if I can get that up to speed, don’t think I have really got past 90% before…Thanks again! :smiley: :+1:

Jeff this seems so difficult to my eyes! I’ m with Darrell here



Missed this one over the weekend! Wowzers what a workout on this one Jeff and amazing skills yet again… Your synching between the parts is as tight as a tiger…(for any Austin Powers fans out there!)

I’ll echo JK’s reply to your ask for tips…lol not from this seat mate!
Enjoy your holiday!

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Thanks @SILVIA !! Super appreciate you checking it out and glad you liked it! :hugs: :smiley: :+1:

Thanks @Notter !! Yes it really is a great workout! My forearm is cooking by the end! :wink: :sweat_smile:

:rofl: My wife and I still use that phrase all the time! :joy:

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Incredibly impressive in every respect, Jeff.

What are your medium to long term musical aspirations?

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Thanks you, David! :hugs:

That’s a good question! :sweat_smile: Thanks for asking :slight_smile: Well, I would love to jam with others and potentially have a band, probably just doing covers although would love to write some of my own music too, but that seems like more of a longer term goal for now. As far as the band goes, I am finding some others that are expressing interest in that and their children are growing up to an age where they are either more self reliant or even leaving home, so that is becoming a more realistic possibility.
In saying that, if it didn’t happen, but I instead just created original music by myself in my guitar room, I would be ecstatic with that outcome too :smiley: For now, it’s just continuing to put one foot in front of the other and enjoying the journey! :wink: Thanks again! :sunglasses: