Metallica - Creeping Death (cover)

You’re probably over-selling a little there Jeff, but happy to meet somewhere in the middle :rofl:

I do rmember as a primary schooler, all the teeangers with Deep Purple, Sabbath, and Zeppelin inscribed on their canvas book bags :joy:

As I recall the genre was called Underground Music back then?

I am really a Purple fan. Happy to listen to a little of the other two and even more occasionally others from the NWOBHM.

And when it comes to rock I think Blackmore and then in the later incarnation Morse are superb players.

And I confess, the more thrashy, faster riffier it gets the less I like it. So from Metallica, I enjoy a few songs from the Black album that I suspect some would say was Metallica selling out to a degree :rofl:

Thanks for the book reference, I’ll take a look

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I think For Whom The Bell Tolls will be a better entry point. It’s one of the easiest songs in their catalogue, but the main riff is iconic and has the most important metal technique: muted open E and power chords. And lead part with that solo-ish scale run is also relatively simple.

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Impressive as always, Jeff. The guitar tone was perfect!

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@CD02 Thanks so much, Craig! Glad you liked it :smiley:

:rofl: Then my job here is done :wink: :laughing:

Fair enough, David. If they were selling out, which, for the record, I am in the camp they were :wink:, then I’m sure their bank balances soothe any guilty feelings they may have towards their early fans :moneybag: :joy:

Yeah, fair point, Artem. I never actually got around to playing that one until about a year ago, and you’re right, it is much more straightforward than Seek & Destroy.

@ToshS Thanks, Tosh! Really appreciate you checking this one out :smiley: :+1: I recall spending a lot of time working on the guitar tone and getting the palm mutes to sound right, so very glad it came across well :blush: