Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (Intro)

Hi there!

I’m back again with my 2nd AVOYP. Today is the turn for my first ever fingerstyle song and when Justin suggested in module 11 that we could give it a try to Nothing Else Matters… I couldn’t resist practicing one of the greatest tunes for a metalhead like me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I still make quite a lot of mistakes in this song. You’ll notice some muted strings in the record that I still have to work on. Besides, I’m at the top of my abilities playing this song, so there are times when I play it pretty decently, and sometimes where is a total mess :sweat_smile: and I lack fluency in the quick bits.

Still, I convinced myself to record the songs I’ve been practicing before moving on to the next module (kind of a exam). So, here it is my module 11 song.



Keep up the very good job Edgar!!
Sounded very much like metallica to me :grin:
Think you did a cracking job on this iconic intro!

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Edgar, Fantastic!

Sweet chord changes and nice tone :+1:

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My kinda heavy metal, Edgar :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:

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Well done Edgar that was really good. A few muted notes but super electric fingerstyle and a good tone from your amp too.

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Great Work! I tried this song a while back and did not play it as well. You look great playing with the Gibson SG… I think James and the group play ESPs a lot…keep up the good work.

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That was terrific Edgar! Gotta be proud of that one mate. Impressive tempo and touch. Sounded very sweet to my ears.

Cheers, Shane

Thank you!!.

Been close to sound kind of similar to the record is more than enough to me. I’m recalling the first days watching the lessons and thinking that it was far beyond my level and I won’t make it work. :sweat_smile:


Thank you, mate.

I still like more the version you played mixing lessons from different teachers. Maybe some day :blush:

This was the one i attempted to learn 20 years ago when i tried to learn to play guitar, so this is my «nemesis» :rofl:
I know what kind of job you had to put down to make it sound that good!
Or no i dont know, i was very very far from how you managed to play it before i gave up learning guitar :rofl:

Well done, im impressed.

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Gracias @brianlarsen. Stay tuned because module 12 songs are coming :grin:

Yes, is really hard getting this song with all the notes ringing at my current level. Good thing is that with this song I’ve started to tweak my amp settings and play with bass mids and treble. I still didn’t quite get it, but it is a start :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Finally it worked out because I’m really stubborn :sweat_smile:. Took a couple of months to get to this. But I were close to drop the song a couple of times.

I didn’t know they use that kind of guitar as well. While I’m learning I realize more and more that I thought that the guitar was the most important thing for the tone, but actually it is the amp and settings

Oh, really appreciate it.I found the tempo in this song to be half of the difficulty. Knowing in which beat should go every note and counting in 6/8… The metronome has been a tough friend for this one

Was mine too 14 years ago. The only thing I could do was the open strings arpeggio :rofl:

:rofl: Yeah it took a while. Actually I moved to module 12 but kept working on it on my routine as 5 extra minutes of repertoire revision

Thank you everybody, is really encouraging to share with you my guitar journey

That sounds fabulous, Edgar. It’s a lovely intro with some delicate touches and have it down withy great tone.

Keep on rocking.

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That was very tasty Edgar.

I like the feeling when you push yourself and the tune sounds close to what it should be.

If you continue with the song, I look forward to the posting it in its entirety.

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I remember that part being a real milestone in my playing and it gae me a sense that I was grwing as a player; I hope you feel that too because there is very little to comment here.

You have a good sense of timing because nothing felt out of place.
Everything was ringing out nicely and you did show you’re ready for the “faster parts” because you did the little decorating doodle in the middle and it was fine!

It’s very disciplined of you to consider the muted strings, I should do that more often…

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Excellent Edgar, very nicely played - keep it up you’re playing well!

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Hahahahaha… made me spit my coffee :rofl: i too managed the open strings and the first ones on the 7th fret… after that it just dis not happen :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Really nicely played well done, tone was bang on IMO really nicely played. One thing I was missing is when you play a barre chord on your 7th fret Emin I would pluck two bottom strings rather than just one at the end, same while you run down to D and C barre chords on 5th and 3rd fret A string. Hope this makes sense but still well done!

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Seemed pretty good to me, can’t say I noticed much in the way of mistakes.

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Thank you @DavidP , @DarrellW and @skinnyt for your supportive messages :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Seems so, since I have a copyright claim in YouTube :rofl:

Totally, the first weeks I thought it was just too much for me. And then, every note started to be on place. The most surprising thing was the progress you feel from one day to the following. Sleeping really do wonders in our play.

Yeah. Was enough to do the trick with some people though. They asked me to play something, I did the open string part and as soon as they said. Oh, nothing else matters… I stopped :rofl:

Thank you! I started to play with the knobs of the amp for this one. Trying to understand what was the effect of everyone. Don’t quite get it but now I have a light sense of how bass, middle and treble can modify tone

This comment has made me realize 2 things:
#1 you’re right. I’ll start to practice it that way, thanks :blush:
#2 I’ve had an aha moment, all root five chords with the F shape are minor chords. Wasn’t thinking of it before but makes total sense now. Thanks again :blush:.



Wow, that was great.

This is the song I have been practicing last week. I can more or less play it, but definitely not as smooth as you did. The pull off parts, I mess them up half of the time (too quiet/too strong, or make another string ring by accident).

Again, really great job here!

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