Michael and Guitar Club Campfire/Jam

I have said many times in posts that I could not foresee me ever playing at a campfire type get together, how wrong can you be.

Email came from the Guitar Club late Tuesday evening saying, weather looks good for a get together at Beach tomorrow evening for a play along and BBQ, anybody interested. Just under ten of us turned up and the weather was excellent, most unusual for the North East coast of England.

Some of the those attending were part of three groups who performed at the summer concerts, so we played along with those to start with. Then we had a go at various songs that people had chord sheets for, although not enough to go around, before doing songs without chord sheets that somebody suggested. Can’t say we drew a crowd, but some people stopped and listened and by the end we seemed to be taking request for songs by passer byes. Don’t know how many songs we did but certainly more than 25.

A challenge for me as a beginner but enjoyable nevertheless, there were two songs we did that I can play from memory so that was ok. Fine with the others where I could see a chord sheet, if not I watched what chords others were playing. Although sometimes I could not see others but generally somebody would say that we are going to play this in say a Key G so I had an idea what chords would likely to be. Interesting exercise, thinking that sounds like a C or G chord etc I will play that, I suppose this is transcribing on the fly, I probably didn’t make a good job of it though, but it was fun not an exam.

Some video clips were taken, just snippets, so here they are.

If you are interested, I am the one in the shades and light top.

Michael :notes::guitar:


That seems like a lot of fun Michael! :star_struck: And must be very inspiring and motivating for you to keep on going in your guitar journey! Thanks for sharing these snippets! I’m sure you did your best…such a good opportunity for a beginner!:clap::clap::clap:

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Great Michael I don’t think I would do that , very cool indeed


Bravo, Michael, living the dream!


Looks like a good craic Michael ! Well done for taking a punt and enjoying yourself.



Playing with others is the fastest way to learn and loads of fun. Well done.
That’s what I was doing last night. Sitting on a friends deck jammin’.


Silvia @SILVIA

Yes, it was a lot of fun, especially outdoors on a very lovely evening. I was definitely the least experienced of the bunch. Some of them have an extensive repertoire that they can play and sing from memory. A passer bye asked for a Billy Idol song and one of us said OK, I have got three which one do you want.

Jeff @Jwaters

If you get the chance, As a slogan from a well-known brand says “Just do it”
When you have taken up a guitar again late on in life you have to take any opportunity that comes along.

Thanks David @DavidP

Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner
It was great experience, never been in a situation where there is no chord sheet, and somebody says this song is in a Key of G and you have to listen to what is being played and hope you get it right. In reality with a group of people then as long as your rhythm matches theirs you can probably get away with playing the wrong chords, as I am sure I did at times.

Rick @stitch
Thanks, quite a different dynamic than playing by yourself or even at the guitar club where we are working on specific songs with chord sheets.


A cool dude in shades jamming with his mates outside in the open air attracting the attention of passers-by. Way to go Michael :sunglasses:

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AWESOME!!!that looked like so much fun

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Oh wow, awesome :star_struck:. I really envy you, Michael, for your guitar club :smiley:. What a great experience :star_struck:.

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Looked like a great get together Michael. A nice environment with no pressure. Great experience.

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That’s great stuff Michael. Hope you make it to many more. I’ve got the good fortune of an acoustic music club within driving distance and have had many good jams there around the campfire. Even started a camping weekend twice a year where 75 of us go to a great campground. Have had jams that lasted for hours on end. Great entertainment.

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That was looking like a joyful afternoon, Michael! Surely, it was a great experience and by those get-togethers one could learn a lot, have fun and enjoy oneself all at the same time. Also, nice BBQ on top! :sunglasses:

Could it get any better? Not sure. :joy: Awesome!

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Thanks David @BurnsRhythm
The sunglasses were essential clear blue sky and the longest day, like being on holiday in the Med.
Looking back, if you take out the time, we were eating me we must have played songs for about 3 hours.

Jason @JasonBuk
Yes, it was great fun and something completely different for me.

Nicole @NicoleKKB
The guitar club is great in organising things and making them happen.

Jason @Rossco01
It was a great experience and most of the time I was not aware of people passing bye, I was concentrating too much.

Tony @tony
It was great to find a guitar club and a super group of guys and one girl, who were happy to accept beginners like me.
It takes me all of 10 mins max to get to our usual get together in a church hall and 25 mins to the beach, can’t be bad.

Lisa @Lisa_S
I think everybody had a good time and as you say a BBQ as well


Well Michael. I can remember your post from quite a while back where you said you were thinking about going along to a guitar club. Look at you now, playing and jamming with your friends in public! :sunglasses:

That looked like terrific fun. Well done you.

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Awesome Michael, feel very envious about the setting you got yourself into. A music club, what a great thing to have! At our work we have one but it is so disorganised, clearly lacks a leader who would make something similar out of it. Well done guys, 25 songs - ouch my fingers!

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Looks like great fun and great progress for you, well done.

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It really looks like so much fun, Michael. I wish there would be such guitar clubs here… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Gordon @sairfingers

You remembered well.

Joined the club September last year , so in ten months have done two gigs and the campfire/jam as well has having two masterclasses on Blues, one from a local teacher and the other from Chris Quinn (sorry Justin but could not have attempted it without some of your lessons). Learnt to play in a band situation, with more than 15 songs, with the help of chord sheets, most of which were new to me.

Well exceed my hopes and expectations but has meant that I have not progressed Grade 2 as fast as I could have with all the learning of songs, but that’s what it is all about is it not, playing songs.

Adrian @adi_mrok

Thanks, I feel really lucky to find a great bunch of guitarists with much better skills than me but willing to allow a beginner like me join in.

Trevor @skinnyt

Yes, great fun and I feel I have progressed faster than if I was just playing for myself, there are things and techniques I am not sure I would have got to until a lot later in the journey.

Nicole @JokuMuu

Yes, I count myself lucky to have a club like this so close to home.

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How cool, Michael!! What a brilliant thing to do, looked like a heap of fun! :smiley: :+1: Sounded great! I definitely would have pulled up on a sandy spot in the sun and enjoyed the show! Well done!! :sun_behind_small_cloud: :beach_umbrella: :guitar: :sunglasses: :clap: :star_struck:

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