Michael and Guitar Club Campfire/Jam

Hi Michael,
You are now doing what i am practicing guitar for :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…i hope my time will come to make music with friends/acquaintances in a face to face setting…

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Michael, that must have been a great evening, what a great place to jam. You are blessed to have a guitar club where you live and a lot of people to jam with. Thank you for sharing this insight. You get a lot of experience while jaming with others, I assume. And you learn a lot for sure! @roger_holland

I’m sure, your time is there already! I believe, you’re more than ready! :wink:


Hi Andrea,
Thank you for your trust :blush:
But those friends have to come over and/or invite me to play a song on stage :roll_eyes:…there’s been some talk about it…but everyone (not me) is so busy… :persevere:

admittedly …i’ve been on stage with these friends before,who now perform in various compositions throughout the Netherlands (and some beyond)…and then my contribution was from some simple and poorly executed chords…more than 30 years ago…i’m afraid they still have that period in their heads…uh ears :joy: …I’m going to press the record button more often these weeks with my newly bought phone standtripod and will share it with that scum… yes yes and you :laughing:


Jeff @nzmetal

Thanks. It is a nice walk along the promenade and there were lots of people and dogs taking in the good weather and hopefully enjoying what we were doing.

Roger @roger_holland

Just get out and do it if you get a chance.

At the beginning of last year there was a gap of more than 50 years since I did a bit when a teenager and didn’t get very far then, no Justin. I don’t like to go on about ages but if life starts at 40 then my 30th birthday is next month; I have got to take these chances when they come along. If it had been when I was in my twenties, not sure I would have been so relaxed about it.

Andrea @Helen0609
Yes, it was a great evening, and I do count myself very fortunate to have come across the local guitar club and so close to home.


If I get I will go :sunglasses:

Phew … luckily I’m only 9 years old :sweat_smile::rofl: :joy:

and I hope to look a lot like you over 21 years :sunglasses:


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Michael, looks like you had a lot of fun and you can learn so much by playing with folks who may be better than you or at least with different backgrounds and things you can learn. Maybe some day I can find something like that near me.

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Steve @SteveL_G99
Yes it was good fun, but as you say all of a better standard than me but I reassure myself they were all like me at one time.
Very fortunate to find something like the club so close to home.

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That looked wonderful Michael. Great location, superb weather and playing with a group of guitar friends, with food thrown in. Does life get much sweeter? Good on you for getting out there and doing it, especially with most of the songs you picking up on the fly.

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What a legend Michael, well done to you sir!
The collective sounded really good and smiles everywhere, hopefully with a find summer ahead there’ll be many more of these for you this year!
Bravo :+1: :clap:

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Nice one Michael,
That looks like a fun evening to be part of !

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Stefan @SgtColon

Thanks, yes great fun.

First time I have tried to play along with a song and not know the chords, I am sure I was wrong most of the time. But advice I got when I did my first gig at the guitar club, if you play wrong chord the audience will probably not notice but if you are out of rhythm with the rest they will notice, good advice, so I hope I got away with it.

Mark @Notter

Don’t think we have any further planned at the moment, not sure we can rely on getting such good weather.

Yes I think everybody enjoyed and hopefully so did the people passing bye.