Misty (Jazz Standard)

Hello nice people if the internet!
I just finished recording “Misty” by Errol Garner :slight_smile:

Here you can see the final result:

I am always open and happy for constructive critique and any piece of advice you might like to offer :slight_smile: What you hear in the last bit is a helicopter, I hope that it isn’t too annoying…

The last months I focused on learning Jazz standards and really enjoyed that. I think that I’ll be taking a little break from Jazz and that I will focus on finishing what is still open from module 5. I am super curious for Modul 6 but I promised myself not to rush.



Enjoyed seeing this played on a Strat, is that a conscious decision? Thanks for sharing, some nice finger work on the fretboard, enjoyed the mellow sounds.

beautiful tone and masterful finger picking, well played.

Sorry Kevin. I can’t get your video to open.

Hi Malz,

Yeah it was a conscious decision… looking at my bank account :smiley: just kidding, I only have one guitar - my strat. :guitar:

I want to buy a telecaster, or a ES-355 some day. The strat I bought was just for the purpose of trying to see if the guitar would be something for me… I wasn’t really able to play much back in the day. For some reason I just stuck with it :wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nice playing, you got the feel of the piece spot on and the tones were pretty decent, well done!

That was great, not much feedback to give as jazz is not really my pot of tea but enjoyed your recording. Thanks for sharing!

Sounds GREAT! Good Job.

Both good instruments. Where are you getting the music from, your ears or a sheet?

I always thought, that I didn‘t like Jazz. But played on guitar only, it sounds great. Puts me in such a good mood. Thanks a lot for this wonderful piece of music, Kevin :clap::smiley:.

I whish I could say “my ears” but they are far from good enough. There is a site called “guitardownunder”. They have really great fingersyle arrangements - for free :slight_smile:


Thanks for this, will check it out.

I really enjoyed that Kevin, I thought it was a lovely bit of playing. It left me feeling really chilled.

Takes me to a place with dark mahogany, candle light, a fine port and old friends.

So good. I’m not really a jazz guy but how can you not like that.

Thanks Guys,

Nothing a against a fine port :smile:

Very nice Kevin, sat back and closed my eyes to picture myself in a whiskey lounge bar for that, it wouldn’t be out of place. Smooth, chilled and a tone to let wash over you. Outstanding work :slight_smile:

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Superb. How long have you been playing? (+how many hours a day?).

Beautiful! I am getting a bit more into jazz and I really liked that. :+1: :smiley:

I have been playing for around 10 years. But I think that only the last 2 really count. I had more time because of covid and I found JustinGuitar. I think that I played for around 2 to 3 hours a day in Covid-times? Now it’s a lot less… maybe 30 minutes tops.