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Hey people -

I’m on Module 10 and am curious whether I should be capably, effortlessly strumming along with the songs in the app before I move on. Depending on the bpm, most of the time I can get a downstroke on beat 1 (Just learning F, so … not that. And I still struggle with C, but this round’s weak G fingering might help…), but strumming on each beat and switching for the next is at the edge of my capacity (despite feeling very confident with the strumming practices themselves). …Should I be parked on a module until I can pair old reliable (isn’t that what Justin calls that first strum pattern?) with each song? (Do I have too many parentheticals in this short post?)

Bigger Picture, I suppose that question holds along many of the other practices, eg. riffs, naming notes, understanding intervals, etc. Should I have those down cold each module before “leveling up?”

Thanks in advance!

Hi Adrewski. If your goal is to play songs by strumming rhythm, then I would say, yes you need to be able to play some simple songs quite smoothly and with good confidence at this stage. Many campfire guitarists don’t even know how to play F chord.

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The simplest answer is why do you want to learn to play guitar? If it’s not to learn songs then it would be mighty strange!
Learn songs, learn songs, learn songs…………

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I think I will use the weak G for the Tom Petty song ‘Won’t Back Down’ because the change between G and C in the song the app is quick.