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Love your courses and the way they make me progress as a guitar player - and make me feel like I progress. This course however made me loose some of my motivation. Happy Birthday is so hard! Even though I had alteady done some fingerplay. You sat that I should move on when I could get through it at birthday party. Im not even close.

Maybe its just me, but if you have gotten the same feedback from others, you might consider changing the course.

Also, playing a simple tune, as happy birthday, one hundred times, without getting it, makes me feel kinda dum

Hi Petter and welcome!
I’ve only just moved into module 12 and nailing Happy Birthday took me an absolute age too, but it’s worth persevering with as the dexterity it gives both hands I think is really valuable if you like the idea of finger style.

Personally I broke up the song into its 4 main sections and literally devoted the HB practice time to one section until I was comfortable with it, trying it all in one hit was impossible. Stitching it all together was still tricky but so much easier when you know you can play each section. Is my rendition good enough for a birthday party? maybe for family only but just about. Don’t stress too much over it I guess is what I’m saying, if this is all that’s holding you from moving on then give it as good a crack as you can and get onto 12, you can always revisit when you want to or carry it forward to you mod 12 practice if you want, don’t let it halt your momentum.

Good luck!


Great advice @Notter :+1:

Hey all. Really having a struggle making any progress on module 11. Just finished my 5th practice and just not feeling it.

  • I can’t make good changes between chords when fingerpicking (i.e. Everybody Hurts, etc.)
  • Happy B-day is just not progressing
  • Sus chord practice is not going well. Having trouble with hitting the up-strum sus 2 and 4 chords, etc.
  • F chord changes are pretty terrible, i.e. C to F or Am to F.

Maybe just venting here. I have made good, steady progress through the modules, normally spending 6-8 practices on each and feeling good to move on but this one is giving me a fit.

Anyone really struggle with Module 11 more so than other modules? How many practices did you do to feel confident to move on?

Thanks and happy playing!

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That’s pretty normal. I went through Grade 1 quickly, spending a week max on each module. Grade 2 is different, it takes much longer to build the skills. Take your time, keep practicing and you’ll get there.

Some modules in Grade 2 I spent weeks on.

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Agreed. I resemble your issue. Still working on some of those things. Even after nearly finishing grade 3…of course there is a lot of grade three I need to go back and revisit as well.

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Yet don’t worry. The modules start to require quite a lot more practice from here. I spent 16 sessions to move on.

And even though I moved one, things like the F chord and the Bday finger style arrangement still make me struggle :sweat_smile:.

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Its pretty normal that the modules in Grade 2 take longer than in Grade 1.

For the fingerstyle, Accuracy is more important than speed, the speed will come once the pattern is second nature. It took me a few months before I was confortable to play the song at full RPM with the fingerstyle pattern.

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Hi @jpparlier
What you are suffering with is perfectly normal.
The grade 2 modules definitely require longer to learn, practice and consolidate than any in grade 1. Allow it time, make sure your practice across the days and weeks has variation to ensure you do not get stuck in a trough and keep at it.
Not much in the way of specific help I know, but I hope the various encouraging comments you have had cumulate to support your struggles just now.

Cheers :smiley:
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I certainly will keep at it for as long as it takes. As for fingerstyle and a new lefty player, my left hand does pretty well at timing and good notes for the 6/8 pattern. My issue is mostly the chord changes with the right hand.

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I’m still going through modules 9, 10 and 11, in no particular order. I pick and choose what takes my fancy from these, and in some cases, earlier modules. I’m in no particular rush so don’t set timescales for each module. I do practice a number of songs at nearly every session though!

I’m the same. Can’t make much sense of this at this time.

Also having issues with sus chords to the point where I’m not going to concentrate much on these. My fingers wont go to where the should!

Assume that this is full barre F in which case same here, although I do mostly changes in my practice. This is going to be along time coming to get the F anywhere close to usable.

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I’m also gradually working my way through Module 11.

I feel that this is one that is going to take a bit of time to learn. I find it easier to break it down and learn it in chunks paying particular attention to the shapes and patterns.

It might be worth starting with DUDUDUDU nice and slowly playing the Dsus4 for each up strum, increasing the bpm as you improve. Then repeat with the Dsus2. Then start mixing the use of the Dsus4 and Dsus2. Then start applying to other strumming patterns. Similarly for the other Sus Chords. A great song that uses the D, Dsus2 and Dsus4 is Writing to Reach You by Travis. The song also includes the rhythm push which we learned in the previous module.

Yeah chord changes do seem harder when starting off learning finger style. What I have done is to practice changing between two chords within the 4 minutes of finger style practice. So one practice session might be D to G, next session might be Am to F, and so on. And for the song practice for that session I would include a song that uses the chord changes that I have been working on that day.

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It appears this module contradicts the app lesson just a little bit. On the web Justin states exposure and practice on fingerstyle is good and we’ll do more later. The app says to have a fingerstyle song down. I’ve been going at this and happy birthday for 6 weeks or more and can’t get a fingerstyle song down. I really try to not go on if not warranted. I happened to check the web version and this made it seem like no big deal to move on if you don’t have a fingerstyle song completely down yet. Just thought I’d share.

Hey guys, I am struggling with my F chord, either the B string doesnt ring out, or my thickest E string doesnt ring out, i am having a problem to put my index finger in position when they both sound good, I am also getting my muscles pretty sore soon after3 minutes of practicing it :slight_smile: Any tips maybe?

Sounds like you’re having pretty common struggles there David especially the soreness from practticing. That will go away in time as the muscles build up for it, just don’t overdo it is the best I can say there.

Regarding the barre itself and strings not ringing, have a big play around with your index finger, up / down etc. Also heed Justin’s advice to roll the index finger a little so it’s more the bonier side bit pressing the strings.

Good luck :+1:

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Thank you for your reply, yes you told me exactly the things that I feel are right, but just this time it goes little slower, i remember simillar struggles with the C, but progress was faster :slight_smile: :smiley: thats all fine, Really thank you for the reply it was nice to hear that I just need to stay on the track and things will turn out great eventually and I dont have to overdo it.

No worries David, F is a real journey, much more so than any of the open chords but have faith it will come to you in the end :slight_smile:

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The only module that I have disliked thus far. As someone who has no real interest in finger styling, I kind of just rolled through it. Maybe at a later time, but I don’t think I will lose much sleep over it. The reactive listening was great though. Playing by ear is real important. Learning what chords you’re hearing!