Module 12 Practice Schedule

Ready to set up an effective practice schedule to rock out your power chords?!

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This module got exploring theory when I started thinking about Am scale being the relative minor of C major. Certainly not earth shattering for most here
, but pretty cool when an old brain sees a glimps of the forest through trees. Thanks for leading us on this wonderful tour Justin (and behind the scenes cast members,) I keep falling on my butt, but I know one day I’ll stand, the next day I’ll take a step, a week later I’ll walk, and then it’s off to the races. Cheers all

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Just for clarity, was there a lesson on Justin’s approach to memorizing the notes of the first two strings of the fretboard? For this step, I’ve just focused on the R5 and R6 power chord notes (5: C, D, E, F and 6: G, A, B, C) that were highlighted earlier in the module and then made sure I know all the surrounding notes as well.

6th string root G A B are the first 3 fret makers C one fret up from B
5th string root C D E are the first 3 fret markers F one fret up from E

I am really struggling practising the songs, because I can’t seem to pick out the strumming pattern of what I am supposed to be playing. I have been printing off the TAB for the songs and trying to work from that but not getting anywhere fast and I really want to play All the Small Things.

Will this come with the more I listen to stuff?

It will come with the more you listen. Tabs don’t show rhythm or strumming patterns.
You learn these by listening to the music.
This is Grade 3 but I think it applies to everyone no matter what stage your at.

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Thank you I took a look, and need to do more listening. It’s like Justin says a lot of the time we are doing other things whilst listening to music. I am usually running. So will just listen for the sake of listening.

sorry to find out that there are no female artist on Spotify playlist “listening to some great Blues Tracks!”

Hi Marta, (@MIII)

You could check out the below video of Bonnie Raitt playing Sweet Home Chicago

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This is great!


Another one to check out is Susan Tedeschi. Here’s a video of her performing one of the songs on the list

Like it! Kind of noodling around learning new songs. Playing Mustang Sally with power chords and sliding the power chords in from a semitone below

I’m really struggling with this module. I’m not into this type of music at all and have no desire to practise. Justin recognises this and touches on the subject. Someone help me please. Should I just move on or persevere?

This module was loads of fun. Finally allowed me to play some songs I’m actually passionate about. Made me enjoy learning songs as opposed to just theory and practice routines a lot more.

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I’m finding the 2 finger power chords to be most useful and easier for my 60 year old fingers. I’ve been wanting to play On the Hunt by Lynyrd Skynyrd and it fits well in this practice module. Has a slide down and a slide up in the main riff. Fun to play!


Power chords are so fun!!!

Stick with it! You got this. Power chords can also be helpful to play any type of song potentially and not just rock. I am struggling too.