Module 2 Practice

In this lesson, we check out what I recommend you practice for the next week or two.

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Greetings, great course so far, in the Module 2 Practice video you mention making a backing track for the Peter Gunn workout, however I do not see it on the Peter Gunn Theme page yet, is that where it will appear or is it elsewhere?
Thank you!

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hey do you have any kid song changes. I hope you know I am not an adult

Hello @Blakeley welcome to the Community.

If you don’t see songs that you know or enjoy and want to bring some more suited to your likes and age tehn there is a request feature here.

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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I have started with Grade 1 course and have completed learning 3 chords -
D,A,E (30+ chord changes per minute) and 3-4 strumming patterns. I remember them by heart and can play them without looking at the diagrams. Still working on smooth switching.

I hardly get around 30 mins a day to practice. My practice routine was going fine until there were few things to learn.

2 mins playing each chord

2 mins playing strumming patterns with Metronome

1 min chord changes all chords(2 at a time A to E A to D D to E)

5 mins finger exercises

10 mins playing songs

But now that the things are growing - new chords, new strumming patterns, I am wondering how do I reschedule my routine to fit everything in 30 mins- I am guessing I will need revision for everything I am learning for quite long time.

  1. Should I stop practicing the things I have already learnt?

  2. Should I reduce the time spent on practicing the things I have learnt?

  3. Should I master the things I have already learnt and only then move to next things?

I am confused a bit. Any inputs will be much appreciated.

This is the 20 minute practice routine Justin recommends (four sessions per week) in this lesson.

Here is my recommendation for a typical 20-minute practice session at this stage:

  • Chord Perfect – E Chord: 2 minutes
  • Chord Perfect – D Chord: 1 minute
  • Chord Perfect – A Chord: 1 minute
  • Anchor Finger Practice: 2 minutes
  • One Minute Changes - A to D: 1 minute
  • One Minute Changes - A to E: 1 minute
  • One Minute Changes - D to E: 1 minute
  • Peter Gunn Theme Riff Fun: 1 minute
  • Song work: 10 minutes

Not all at once. If you have been playing three songs and want to learn a new one, take one out each session - a different one in rotation so those already learned stay fresh and near the surface.

That will happen naturally although chords and chord changes will be with you for life. You will be playing the A, E and D chords for as long as you play guitar.

Mastery is too inhibiting and limiting an ambition. If you want to see the level of ‘mastery’ that Justin applies, watch the Nitsuj videos relevant to the level of study you are at. This is Justin learning left-handed as a complete beginner. He moves on before perfection happens.

Hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

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Thank you so much! That definitely helps. :slight_smile:

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Hi Justin I have a question concerning the practice session. I’m mainly using the APP to go through the lessons and practice I have noticed that on the app you can’t changed or modify the practice session, is that the way it was intended to be or am I doing something wrong?

By the way I love your course and learning a bunch of stuff.

Hello and welcome to the community.

Unfortunately you are correct about the practice routine on the app. However it is just as easy to do on the main website. You can fully customise your routine and track your results.

Thanks for the info Dave I appreciate it.

Loving how Justin breaks down the practice routine for people like me who struggle with consistency!

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Hello @Adrienjp and welcome to the Community.

As Dave has said, the Practice Assistant on the website itself is fully customisable and continues to have new features added. Check it out, its awesome for people who like to create and follow a structured practice time online.
Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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Guys this awesome! You have really put together an amazing course, it seems to progress at the right pace, for me at least. Also, nice attention to pedagogy with Justin trying to learn lefthanded! Its not easy to make yourself so vulnerable openly on the Internet and start from the beginning. Respect!

One question i had was if anyone has any tips on strumming the right strings during chord changes. That’s my biggest struggle right now… frequently picking the E string for A chord and the A string for D chord. Any tricks here? I’ve be trying to anchor my strumming hand to the guitar so that my wrist gets used to the relative positions of strings…

I’ve found it helpful to spend a few minutes practicing without looking at my strumming hand.

I visualize the six strings in my mind’s eye, focus on the one I want to pick, and aim for that.

Good for picking out arpeggiated chords and melodies as well.

But the main thing to work on is avoiding the bass E string on the D chord - it just sounds bad. I mute it with my thumb now, but that technique comes later in the Justin course.


Day 3 for me and I feel like it’s been hard to get fast at chord A and D, i’ve been practicing 1h changes, following some videos of some songs I love, and now i can get A and D and E between 45 and 55 changes without problème and good sound. After 72h I dont have pain on fingers anymore, but I feel like my position is bad, my wrist isn’t relaxed at all when I play. I play on an electric guitar (Yamaha Pacifica 112 V)

Alexandre @Lherod
First of all welcome to the community, :+1:
You do sound as though you are getting on fine, but I wish my finger pain went after 3 days. Even after a year I can still get some when I practice a lot, I mean for a few hours in a session. You do need to be careful with your wrist position as that can lead to real problems.
Hope thing progress well
Cheers Michael :guitar::notes:

I can do the A D and E chords fairly well when practicing the individual chords, but it all goes to pot when I try to do the songs. I am trying the songs at about 50% speed, but still get the wrong fingers on the wrong strings quite often. This is after a week and a half on the lesson at about 30 minutes a day practice

So my question is how accurate would you advise I be before moving on to the next lesson? I am assuming that I should get at least 75% accuracy at at least 80% song speed.

Tony @TonyHS
This is my view others might disagree.
You need to get the foundations in place before you progress too far, if it was me I would get more proficient in playing along with a song. Module 3 introduces a lot of new things, having said that there is a riff in Module 3, that might be worth a look at.
Michael :grinning:

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Hi @MAT1953 , thank you, that was my thought as well, but I was wondering if I was being to critical. Hence the question. I think I have another couple of weeks before moving on to module 3.

I have looked at the lesson titles in module 3 and think that there might be a couple of those lessons that I could do before moving onto the module 3 chords and practice etc.

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Tony @TonyHS
I am in Grade 2 and must confess I sometimes jump ahead of the module I am at for lessons that interest me or I need for the guitar club.
I think that is ok as long you keep going doing the fundamentals of each module.

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