Module 2 Practice

any particular reason we don’t do anchor practice with E?

Hi Raymond, I seem to recall E formed part of the anchor practicing unless I’m missing something? My routines certainly moved betweel all 3 anchor chords and I’d encourage it.

the mod 2 practice assistant only shows a/d anchor practice

Ah ok, I would certainly incorporate it if I were you, it’s beneficial :+1:

Hi all! I’m using the phone app to practice my songs, I used it for Dance the Night Away and Give Peace a Chance in Module 1 and had a lot of fun with it. In this module, I’d like to do Three Little Birds as you recommend, but I find that the song is not available on the app. Is there any chance of it being added any time soon? I think it’s really a shame that it’s not on there, since you yourself say it’s pretty much the best one for practice at this stage. So I’d really like to practice it on there :wink:

Hi Thomas, @TommySVK
Welcome here and have fun. :sunglasses:
Unfortunately, I have read back here repeatedly that 3 little birds have been removed due to copyright problems, they are working hard on it, but no guarantees are given…
I hope you like this


This is the most asked question for beginners and there is no real answer. Everybody learns at their own pace. The biggest factors is how much quality time you put into practicing and how fast your fingers pick up the chord changes.