Module 8 Practice

Just wanted to say learning Wonderwall in this module was an absolute game changer for my playing. I know that the 16th strumming is talked about more in the intermediate course, but I was DETERMINED to learn the strumming pattern to make this song sound the way it should and the feeling I got when I finally nailed it is indescribable. I spent a few hours over the weekend on JUST that song and, when I decided to take a break and practice some of the songs from grade 1, I noticed I had improved in both my strumming and chord changes (even though the grade 1 songs don’t use the “stuck” chords). Anyway, all of that to reinforce that practicing songs really is the way to go if you want to get better (or, suck less, which is a term I’ve recently adopted :joy:). After all, isn’t the reason we’re learning all of this is so we can play songs?


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Hi everyone, what is your approach when it comes to pass to the next module? I can play play 2 songs with 3/4 stuck chords, play the e minor scale at 120 bpm, and I have nearly mastered the wish you were here riff. But I’m still practicing C and G chord changes, which I can do 60 a minute but when it comes to play a song every time I have to play C is far from perfect. Should I keep learning new stuff and adding more things to the pile or try to master the basics before I learn anything new?

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In my opinion, you’re ready to continue. Just keep practicing the C-G change as you continue. You’ll be using that chord change alot in your guitar journey, so this shouldn’t be a problem.



Learn a disciplined method so you always have something solid to build on. Ideally, alternate picking if you are now using that technique.

Either Stuck 3&4 or open or a combination is good.

I’ve collaged this to help me with the main stuck 3&4 chords, hope it can help someone else as well.


There is no audio on the video player for the stuck chords songs in the practise mode :frowning:

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Just out of curiosity, do we ever learn B chords? I didn’t see them in the video titles through Grade 4. We have A, C, D, E and G now. F is soon, so I was curious about B. Are they not a big deal? A big deal? Unimportant?

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Thank you for putting these chords together into one chart. I borrowed it and find having them together this way is useful.

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The B major chord is the V chord in the key of E, which is a pretty common key for guitar. However, it’s not present in any of the other main guitar-friendly keys, so it’s far less common than chords like C, D, G, etc. (I guess a similar comment could be made about F major, but it appears in the key of C, a very common key for guitar).

The most common chord grip for B major (x2444x) is an A-shaped barre chord, which is pretty difficult, moreso than even the F chord.

Lastly, the B7 chord can often be used as a substitute for B major and is easier to play: x21202.

I think for these reasons the B major chord is taught at a later stage (Grade 5, I believe) than the other chords you mention.


Thank you for a great explanation! I can see now why B Major comes so much later. I have seen B7 shown in some tabs, much easier for these beginner hands to handle.


B will show up earlier than grade 5, but it is not directly mentioned unless you are looking at blues (B7).

I think I ran into it first as a power chord and it is also available with the E-shaped barre. The E-shape barre is taught as F, but Justin also teaches this grip is movable, so the B is just an extension of that with a little thinking about it. I think power chords are the first movable grips we learn.

Once you start to get into the movable shape grips, triads for instance in grade 3, you don’t need to learn by the letter assigned, but more by the shape, and you will want to know the notes for each fret on the strings. Start by thinking about the E and A strings. Dedicated memorization will be necessary if you don’t naturally start to remember the notes as you learn. Other strings will come as you need them unless you want to dedicate yourself to that early.

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@freddb Sorry. This is a known issue and no fix is available. It has been reported multiple times but sadly it will remain as is unless / until a whole new filming slot is done.

Thank you for the reply. I keep hearing about shapes but without any context for them, so I appreciate the glimpse into my educational future.

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