Module 8 Practice

Wow!! A lot to cover!! Not complaining mind you. I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks now and find I’m not progressing. I increased the time to 40 minutes to give myself more time on the song practice, but this still doesn’t feel like enough. I’ve got the notes memorized and have moved that time to the riff.
What I have found is I’m just getting into the subject and my timer is going off. When I hit the timer start, it’s concentrated effort on that item until the timer goes off. I step away between every couple of items to give my fingers a break, make coffee or whatever. I’m contemplating increasing the time for more of the items, ie the riff and the stuck chord perfect. Being retired, I have the time. I can go to 60 minutes if that will help me!! Actually, I have but that was extended time playing songs, and that’s what we’re here for isn’t it?
Thanks for any advice!! Sorry this is so long.

Hi Wayne. I find that it’s the song practice that really makes the difference. I start with the set practice routine then go to the songs. Things like finger placement and chord changing improve as a result of this.
To repeat what has been said here many times, songs, songs and more songs!

Hello. I have a small problem with the proposed generated Practice Routine that can be imported from Module 8 Practice | ( from the top bar: Learn More, Discussion, Notes, Practice )

When I get to the last step: “L8 Songs using Stuck 3 & 4 chords!” from this Practice Routine the video that is a record from the Justin App ( mobile one ) has no sound. I used this one for the whole Grade 1 and is very useful for someone who is not able to pay for the full app and he is happing only with the small 10 minutes.