Motivation & Inspiration Club #2 with Lieven | Making songs your own

Hi guys

Bringing songs in YOUR style helps you express yourself musically. Perhaps you are still wondering what “your” style is? Using an existing song is a good place to start since there are many ways to tell its story. Try to find out what yours is.

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Hi everyone,

During this Sunday’s Clubs session, @LievenDV showed us his song template for writing out the core structure of a song. I loved that template so since I couldn’t find it anywhere, I decided to make one quickly. Since it seemed that many others liked it as well, I figured it might be of use to others.

Get the PDF at the link below. It’s in landscape A4 format for easy printing. I am happy to make more versions if anyone has any feedback.



Wow! That is nice! Thank you!

Thank you, very kind of you.

Very kind of you sir!! Thanks!!

Thanks for doing this!

However, it’s not clear to me what some of the sections are for (I was unable to participate in the zoom meeting).

Is this explained anywhere?

Thank you! I was going to do this, you’ve saved me a Job :+1:

Wow, that’s indeed close what I have shown you.
I hope to work on my handout material tomorrow and discuss with David and Richard how we set up a section of the Community to host all the convo’s and resources.

The template looks great and will serve many in their quest to gain control over songs!

Here’s an example if you want to see how it’s used:

I: intro
V: verse
C: chorus


This is really good!!! I’m impressed with both Ratko’s & Lieven’s templates!!
Thank you!!! :pray:


For those who came to my second Club, thanks for checking it out !:wink:
Hope you guys enjoyed the session!

Make sure to fill in the feedback form as it helps us to improve my session but also the other Clubs

I will make ehe presentation and lesson notes available on the website soon.


Hi Ratko, would you make a version of this in portrait format split over two pages for 8.5 x 11 inch paper? I normally add songs to my song binder by punching holes on paper printed with Justinguitar’s tab template. I found your template here and would love to try it in my notebook if I can make it work.

sized for 8.5 x 11 inches? It’s harder to find A4 paper where I live. Would really appreciate it. t

Here you go mate.
If you need more space on the margins for the binder holes, just zoom it out during printing.

Page1: Song Structure - Letter Portrait1.pdf - Google Drive
Page2: Song Structure - Letter Portrait2.pdf - Google Drive


Thank you! I’m going to try this on the next song I learn.