Motivation & Inspiration Club #6 With Lieven | Spice up your open chords

Motivation & Inspiration Club 6 With Lieven | Spice up your open chords
SUN, FEB 18 2024 · 18:30 UTC

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Hi guys,

Just finished the last preparation for tomorrow’s session (for some that’s Sunday, for some that’s Monday already :D).

This one features a ton of flavour to spice up your chord progressions.
Some simple tricks will give you access to variations of the chords you already know.
Before you know it, you can add a bunch of chords to your personal library!

This session features examples that are suitable for both strummers and learning fingerpickers

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Any prep work for us ahead of time Lieven ?

Not really, only a slidedeck with the ideas for you to try afterwards



It asks for a Meeting Passcode?

It’s in the reminder email that was sent yesterday

Also on the Clubs page.

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I only signed up an hour ago, so I all I got was the confirmation email, which doesn’t have the code.

All I am gettimg is a black screen and can’t see ir here anything? Hmmmmm…gonna try again.

Nothing to hear atm.

Easy guys, it’s still 8 mins to go. :slight_smile:

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That said, he should still be seeing other users in the chat, not just a black screen.

Here’s the link for Zoom issues in case anyone needs it:

I tried to register last minute but no email with the code was sent to me. That would be how I would attend any of these sessions. Probably lead time rules that I wasn’t aware of.

Clint, the code is shown on the Clubs page, too. You should see it there after registering. See Toby’s Link above.

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I’m in. Reading skills are important. LOL

Glad that last minute joins are allowed. Good times!


Nice session.

I would like to recommend that the camera be placed lower.
Your fretting hand kept dipping down off screen and it was hard to pay attention for me as it was distracting and I kept waiting to see if you would notice people talking about it in chat.

You had tons of space above you, while most of your guitar was off screen…

Well done @LievenDV !

I look forward to members applying some of these embellishments in their AVoYP offerings —as they work to find their own voice on the instrument (and make cover songs their own).


My picking hand dipped below now and then indeed but did my fretting hand disappear as well? because that shouldn’t have happened…

Focus was on the fretting part and seeing/hearing those ideas.

Will check out some other positioning next time.

Check all the TAB’s to the session here: (archive page), check “Resources” tab.
attention; you need to be logged in.


Yeah, I’m definitely talking about your fretting hand.
Your strumming hand was never on screen.

Great topic and another excellent and very helpful session! :grinning:

These ideas will surely spice up my simple open chords. I’m very motivated to experiment with these embellishments a lot.

Thank you so much, Lieven & team :sunflower: