Motivation & Inspiration: Feedback & Polls for future sessions

Hi guys,

In this thread, that will run for about 2 weeks, I give you guys the chance to suggest topics for the Motiviation & Inspiration Live Clubs I do on Sundays.
You can request repeats, request a deep dive on something that I only touched briefly or comment in any way you like.

I always keep my eyes and ears open to check which topics would benefit from a dedicated session for a “Motivation and Inspiration” live session.
…and I’m even repeating some of these topics to give people the chance to attend (again) and to improve my own approach.

This is an OPEN topic where you can add comments, feedback, requests…
I can’t give you concrete guarantee that your suggestion will get a session but if I like it and most of all, if there is value for more people, I can make a session out of it.

Because you guys are Community members, you are extra involved in the JG Universe.
I’d like to do some extra effort to bring value to YOU8 ;)-

What would you like to see more?
Please add your own idea’s in a reply, there are no stupid ideas :wink:

  • Some session repeats (specify)
  • more “song specific” making songs your own sessions
  • more on live performances and singing
  • writing songs in band context
  • more on goal setting
  • more on adding and using “chord flavours”
  • dealing with stage fright
  • more about gear
  • more about useful practice
  • I have some idea’s myself (add in reply!)
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If you just want to give feedbackon what was inspirational for you or you have specific wishes; all free to drop it in reply!


Maybe just once every third month have a class that is not at 3AM

Now that the clubs are recorded, I don’t see how it makes much difference what time they are on at. There’s very little live interaction, apart from chat/questions/comments, which are just as available on the Community threads.
In fact, it is more efficient to watch the lesson at your leisure, as you can pause & rewind to check something out or make sure you understand something.
For me, the main advantage of clubs is not any new information. (I’m presuming most of what is said is covered in Justin’s course), but it gathers together a cohort of people who are all interested in something particular simultaneously.

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Thanks Brian!

I’m curious

I don’t read this as a comment but as an observation, which I think is correct.
But since you are a Community pillar here, I’m wondering what you think and how these sessions complement your guitar experience :slight_smile:

Would you think it would be better overall if there WAS more interaction?
Do you think it misses more interaction or do you think the opposite, that it’s good for the focus on the topic and the usage of the medium so that many benefit?

I noticed that when I go into questions during the session, some people get annoyed because others “hog” the time with a “personal mini lesson in the form of a question”.

I tried to get people to ask stuff before the session as well so I could have a decent answer for them integrated in the course o the session but these questions stopped coming after session 2

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yeah I hope the recordings will cover that although i’m still into looking for some whack slots to cater for Down Under since I want to do something for the loyal audience there! :wink:

Hi Lieven,
I really enjoyed watching you work and hearing you talk because it gives a much better picture of someone than just some songs from someone who plays a few videos song and only typing here for the rest, so that was my winnings :smiley:

I looked back a bit from the lesson, and for me it is not the way to learn at the moment, I would have expected a tutorial of this song in the style of Tommy Emanuelle or at least close, and the way of teaching (the clubs) is just not interesting to me because the website has more than met this need so far, fortunately, Justin has spoiled me,and I can better use my time for learning guitar differently.

But of the lessons that I quickly watched and one that I experienced live, the Q and A are the most difficult to wait for (also with Justin), which can easily be done afterwards on the site if you ask me. …

But maybe you should not take this comment from me and see it as a compliment for the website as a whole since I don’t have a solution for myself if/when I were to use the clubs, and again said The website is a great resource for me covers everything perfectly so far.

Hope this is useful and I wish you the best :sunglasses:



No, if you’ve prepared a lesson/talk, it will come across best (and keep on track) if you follow your plan. The chat option allows live listeners to ask questions and feel like they’re interacting.


I’ve only taken part in a couple of clubs, but I do think there is a place for them. They enhance the sense of belonging to a group. As I (and Rogier just now) mentioned above, it’s not for the original or new content, but to bring together a cohort to discuss a particular topic of interest.
I just tend to start a ‘new topic’ :roll_eyes: :rofl:

I do think they are a good advertisement (in the best sense) for 1-1 lessons with Justin’s approved teachers. It gives a good impression of how you teach; how easy it is to follow you (and even how cute you are :rofl:)

Get together with @Richard_close2u and @LeeMB and arrange to remind folk at the end that if anyone would like to dive deeper into the topic (or anything else) to get in touch for a personal lesson :smiley:


Thanks for the positives Brian … we do seem to err towards the reluctant side of pushing our wares and marketing ourselves in terms of making promo statements for our 1-to-1 lessons.

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I know, and appreciate that :wink:
However with the clubs, you’d be talking directly to those that tuned into your specific lessons, so would be quite targeted and I think would come across as a useful suggestion rather than ‘pushy’ :smiley:

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Hi Richard ,
I am sensitive to that and it quickly gives me an itchy feeling, but I don’t have that with you at all, I think I (and some others here) advertise your lessons more than you do yourself. :sunglasses:


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A good point is being made here, once again proving the value of this wonderful community :smiley:

Guilty, I tend to throw in a little plug for Richard and Lee’s lessons since they are full time teachers. Also, better teachers than me, I consider myself more of a coach, a guide in the student’s journey. That’s also how I will shape the next iteration of the little sell text on the website.

:full_moon: Doing it for the reach

Since I’m already quite busy these days with a full time job and most of the requests for lessons com from the America’s; I have very few slots to fill and match with students. These sessions give me the opportunity to reach many. A bit more generic than one-on-one and specific lessons but the ultimate value, all things combined, is probably bigger in its “mass” form.

That’s why I’m not selling any of my own lessons in my sessions but somehwere I do dream of refining what I am doing to a format, a medium, a set of content, a select group session or whatever some day. These Live Clubs bring value to you as part of the (quasi-)free donation driven formula and I am proud of that.

Hence the idea behind this thread; what can I do to help you to express yourself, find new ways to do that, to be in control of a song and to be able to shape it, etc. How to entertain, how to bring a story; in a song but also in a set and a show.

:full_moon: “Live Club” ↔ “lesson”

When the sessions are recorded, there is a fine line between “this is a lesson” and “this is a live club”. Perhaps, in my prefered format, i don’t fit that well in the Live Club fomula but at this point, it is the best thing available to do it.

I do have the ambition to help making it more sustainable though. Puriftying the value, finding the most efficient ways to learn people to get control of songs and become able to express themselves… Guess we are ALL learning here, including myself most of all. You see, learning could be a bunch of things and I love the process so far :smiley:

:full_moon: Keep sharing those insights and opinions, These mattes are discussed on a periodic meeting we have with Fanny and the teachers but t also helps us teachers to see the outsider’s perspective!


I think it all depends on the audience for the particular clubs and the aspirations of the players. Those at different levels of playing and those with different aspirations will have different needs and thoughts on the topic. Similarly, live interaction can take different forms for example showing them a concept and then having them play that concept along with you. I don’t necessarily agree that the clubs are not for original or new content as Justin can’t cover everything extensively. We also have to remember that not everyone attending is a participant on the community. For the motivation and inspiration club I kind of see it as a way to provide new directions to overcome a roadblock/frustration and expand ones potential.

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Hi Lieven, Perhaps a small correction is needed, I had never seen you teach, but with…

With the "You"I also meant you Lieven and to be honest I never mention Lee because I don’t know him from here at all and so it is not in my system, I will pay more attention to that, sorry Lee :blush:


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When purify meets putrefy :wink:

ah rats; I’m such a bad typist and this “microsoft designer” keyboard is only making it worse :smiley: | I’m leaving it in, since this message wouldn’t make sense otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are they? I haven’t seen anything about this. Where are the recordings located?

For me, the best experience for “clubs” would be a place on the website where approved teachers can post short video lessons in HD. It’s really cool to see the point of view of other teachers, they all have something to complement Justin.

However, I have to admit that I did not watch many clubs for the whole 1 hour, no matter the teacher. It’s not because it’s not interesting. It’s just that online learning have many challenges.

As a teacher myself, I know how hard it is to keep the attention of a student for 1 hour in a real class. The challenges are multiplied by 10 when doing online classes. When Covid hit and we had to do online classes, I noticed the same and ended up making short videos instead of lectures for my students.

(PS : I appreciate the work of approved teacher. Please, don’t take it negatively, I just wanted to give a feedback in general about the challenges of the “live aspect” which does not remove anything to the quality of your content.) :slight_smile: :+1:

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Not all of them have video, but here you go :smiley:

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It’s valuable you mention this; this makes me think about a bit more tactical timings to bring certain topics and consider some tips radiomakers give about carrying the attention over blocks of interruptions to “hook” a show together.

Good point that I need to take into account!

My session often go over time as well. Perhaps I should aim for 75% of my usual content.

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That is a really important thought Lieven. Audience members in different time zones may be accessing the sessions before work or appointments or time-related commitments and need to exit on time.

The planned material for my most recent triads session was double the amount (and then more perhaps) of what I actually managed to cover. Over planning on content can be good / necessary (just in case) though over staying on time less good.

I’d be interested to know if any of your audience numbers have dropped off once past the one hour mark.

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