Mrs McGrath

It’s a few months since I posted a vid. I’ve been practicing hard, so hopefully I’ve moved on a bit
This is a setting of the traditional folk song Mrs McGrath.
It’s in CFCGCD tuning and has some basic hybrid picking, so it took quite a few takes to get through it without collapsing entirely!!!


Sounded good to me, didn’t notice any collapsing with the picking.

Oh, this was absolutely lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I can clearly hear and see, that you’ve put a lot of practice time in this song. It sounds very complexe, especially with singing along as well. Incredible good work :star_struck::clap::+1:!

Thanks Nicole, glad you liked it,
I’ve been putting some hours in lately, and getting more confident.
I’m doing the next OM, and am working up a new song for that too


That was great Ecc, I do enjoy a tooraloo song! :smiley:
Confidently played and sung. Well done.
Why the unusual tuning and capo at 2?

Cheers for that Trevor,
This was the best take from quite a few attempts!

Well played and sung, Eccleshall. Sounded wonderful. I can imagine how challenging it is to play that clean and smooth while singing. Well done!

Very nicely done. Does that tuning have a name?? According to the guitar tuning database, its an open G7sus4 :exploding_head:

Oh yes please, that sounded terrific all around to me @Eccleshall . Beautiful playing and vocals at least equalling. Bravo :clap:

Thanks for the comments Gordon, been working that one up since May.
The C Tuning is just the same as used by the guy I learned it from.
Capo is at 2nd fret because without Capo the b string would be tuned up to D , which wouldn’t end well …

Thanks Mark,
Appreicate the kind words,
I’ve only ever done a handful of recordings, but this one is easily the one I’m most pleased with so far.

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Thanks Ian
The tuning is a kind of C tuning, the backbone of it is the root fifth root CGC on strings 4, 3,2
It’s a hybrid tuning that has elements you find in banjo, cittern and bazouki

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Thanks David,
It’s certainly been a challenge,
I’ve enjoyed getting to grips with this one.

Wow, Ruaridh! :star_struck:
What a lovely tune that is - never heard it before, but your rendition was most enjoyable! :clap:
That was such a harmonic performance, very well played and sung. You made it seem so smooth and easy, but probably it took a huge amount of practice hours to get that picking down, not talking about adding the vocals. Awesome! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Lisa,
It’s a very old anti war protest song dating from 1811
The song is baes around only three chords, but has quite a bit of movement and passing notes.
I’ve had a lot of fun getting my fingers and voice around it,

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Just brilliant. Both your playing and vocal are very impressive.

Great job on this song!

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That was well done. Congratulations. I would find it so hard to sing and play as well as you do on this.

Thanks Paul,
I’ve learned a lot from spending time with this song!

Hello Ruaridh,
That was a wonderfully played and sung song, :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

This style always makes me happy, you / they can sing the most dirty and bad things but I have a smile on my face :smiley:

Can you post a copy in the topic with old dogs, maybe a few will still remember the release day :roll_eyes: