Muddy Boots (My Band!🤠) - Going Nowhere (Original song Live)

Hey everyone!

Sorry for being not so active lately, I hope to get back to the old habits!

I had my first gig with my friends just yesterday, and wanted to share it with you guys, I don’t think I’d ever dared going to real life open mics or doing an actual concert if it hadn’t been for this community.

The quality of the recording is not the best, nor my performance on the voice/guitar. But it’s another milestone and something to learn from (apart from being a blast).

As always, any criticism/tip is very welcome. Cheers!


I take my hat off Kevin! This is so cool and you are a real inspiration.
It sounded real great also! Well done :+1:

And Cool that youre back Kevin!!

Muddy boots… what an awsome name to a band. Love it!

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Wow, that was epic Kevin! Particularly liked how you guys have a banjo player in the band.

The song has some really good use of dynamics. E.g. the stops, emphasis on certain strums. Predominantly from the banjo there, feels like the guitar is keeping the rhythm of the song together and banjo is doing lead.

Real mumford & sons or lumineers vibes here. You guys are GOOD.

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Hi Kevin,
The sound wasn’t too good but that’s the recording quality…but the cheerfulness is easy to hear through it, the whole was good to listen to :sunglasses:… man your first gig, you should be proud :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


That was great, Kevin. I’d be bopping and calling for me if I’d been there! You’re living the dream


Good job Kevin (and band). Sounded good to me and it must be a great feeling to get your first gig done.

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That’s exactly what I picked up as well! :grinning: Splendid job Kevin, really fast strumming but it worked very well, enjoyed the song throughout! As for critique not much to say, as far as I was able to tell by the sound quality all sounded well! All the best :slight_smile:


@tRONd thanks Trond! I need to catch up on your postings, tomorrow morning you’ll see some of my comments.

@jkahn thanks so much JK, it’s fair to say the banjo player is the most talented of us, also important to say the banjo wasn’t plugged in, but that thing can make some noise!

@roger_holland thank you Rogier, didn’t go as well as I wanted but you know, it’s a first.

@DavidP thanks so much David, people seem to enjoy it but again, most of them were family or friends haha

@skinnyt thank you Trevor, first time gig was scary but exciting, lots to improve but a positive experience.

@adi_mrok thanks Adrian, it’s weird to see myself strumming that fast, doesn’t seem that way when I’m playing but it’s a testament to practice, playing and try to feel relaxed.

Thanks everyone for watching!

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Excellent performance Kev!!
Great band!!

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Kevin & company, that was earthy and real. What a great feel and vibe you give out. Bravo.

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That was superb Kevin. Loved the song. Your playing and singing was great. Loved the banjo. Brilliant name for a group. What a lucky audience being treated to that performance.

Well do to you and your band members. :+1:

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Hey, that was a great song and that banjo player really had it going on. Hats off.

Bluegrass, the good old fashioned type.

Thanks for sharing!

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What a great mix of instruments and voices Kevin. You look and sound confident. Well done for taking this mighty step.

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That was great Kevin and congrats on getting out there as a group! it will only get better and easier the more you do it. Thought the banjo really added dynamics. You looked and sounded a bit tense at the start! no surprise really and just something to get used to. Once you were into it and relaxed a little you sounded fine. Look forward to seeing your next performance together.

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Going somewhere I think, sounds good. Love the banjo and the overall feel of the song.

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That was pretty awesome. It inspires me to do the same. I have done singing on stage but just starting to sing and play so a work in progress for me. I thought the song have energized the crowd, picturing Irishmen in the crowd with their beers swaying to the beat of the music or Mumford and Sons. Please share more videos when you are up to it. I really enjoyed this one. Fun song makes us think of happy times! Great job.


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Thanks again everyone, we had another little gig yesterday, it went much better, the band as a whole improved a lot and me particularly too, less nervous and more confident.

It is very exhausting, playing and singing for 1 hour and 15 minutes or so, but I’ve seen it as a sort of baptism of fire. It’s like any other part of practice, you just have to go through it to get better.

I also had much more fun in the latest gig, and the audience noticed it.

Still need to catch up on the Community and all the AVOYP that I’ve missed, I hope I can this weekend!

Cheers again, I’m glad you enjoyed the video


an hour and 15 mins! my god thats a tough shout at this stage…I find an hour tough now and I’ve been doing it for a while. Also means you must know a good number of songs though… well it can only get better from there.