Music Room Set-Up

Hi, I’m in the fortunate position to be looking at converting a small spare bedroom into a place for all things guitar. :slightly_smiling_face:
It measures 3.8m x 1.9 metres. (12ft 6in X 9ft 6in for us old school), so not the biggest space I guess.
I’m trying to maximise the usabiilty of it and wondered if anyone could input ideas.
I play mostly acoustic ( Faith Neptune 6 and 12-string) and have a Epiphone Sheraton. I currently have two amps, a Marshall AD 50 for acoustic/vocals and a Boss Katona 50 ( I’m thinking of upgrading to the Katona 100 soon as didn’t realise how much I needed an effects loop for using my loop pedal). This got me wondering if I could get 1 amp that covered all my needs, ie Modelling amp with effects loop that could take an mic if required. If I’m honest, I amplify my acoustics/use a mic very infrequently as I’m pretty much a bedroom guitarist. My other gear of note, is a Digitech Trio (sort of like a loop pedal on acid!), a Fender Micro plug-in which allow me hide my mistakes from friends and family, and a couple of ukeleles. I use a tablet/guitar pro for my lyrics/tab but do have quite a few hard-copy books of the same (Its an age thing).
I plan on storing all the above in the room, and will probably wall hang the instruments.
Any ideas would be gratefully recieved, particularly around the amp question - but any general pointers about setting up the room would be great too.
Thanks in advance, :guitar:

Hi there I have similar setup as you, to maximize the space I would say get Katana 100 and that will sort you out for good. Similar to 50 it has acoustic option on so you wouldn’t need two amps then. My room is even smaller and I managed to squeeze everything in, my top suggestion - hang guitars on wall that is a massive life hack and space saver.

I keep my desk in the corner with guitars above and next to it plus Amp and pedals underneath the desk. Big Ikea shelf on the other side for gadgets and other bits to store and chair in the middle :grinning: hope that helps, if you go to my learning log there is a pic of my setup, recently I am upgrading my kit so this needs refreshing soon but gives you an idea :wink:

Adi_mrok’s Learning Log


Wonderful to have the opportunity to set up a music room, Frank.

You don’t mention recording at all. Your current approach or longer term aspirations may influence that. You also don’t mention too much about singing.

Those two aspects may influence how you setup the room and recommendations for amps.


Hi Adi, thanks for the reply and the info. It was useful seeing the photo of your set up. I think I might hang on to my Marshall acoustic amp -just for the mic XLR input. (Jury’s out still really, as I don’t use a mic that often, just know that if I get rid of the Marshall, I’ll probably regret it).
With budget considerations, now wondering whether to get the Katana 100 plus footswitches, or Katana Artist without the footswitches - as I’m pretty much a bedroom guitarist.
Not really thought of getting a desk until I saw your set up. Was thinking of guitar stool for sitting and some heavy duty shelving for amps/physical books etc. Think a desk might make a lot of sense though. Do you use a pc/mac for recording or a tablet? Also, which software do you record through (please don’t say Garage Band as I don’t have a Mac! :upside_down_face:)
Regards, Frank

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Hi David, and thanks for the reply to my original post. My long term aspirations are just to generally improve. No plans to gig per se, just want to have a bit more confidence going into Open Mic nights/guitar clubs.
I’m definitely in the singer/strummer category, but mainly for my own entertainment. I’ve been playing years, and should be a lot better than I am! Would probably record at some point, just to have a play around with editing and maybe the occasional YouTube upload.
Regards, Frank

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Yes I get that Marshall is high end shelf so would be shame to get rid of. I guess you could potentially put it to the loft or somewhere available if you wish to play it.

One other option to consider is to use a foldable desk fitted to a wall, I was tempted by it but because I use my laptop and desk a lot it made sense to put a permanent one in. See what I mean in the link below, there are some easier and cheaper options but this looks fun:

As for bedroom guitarist I shall say this - appetite grows the more you eat, today you might want to only play in your bedroom but one day you might be tempted to join a band or a local OM (as I can even see in one of your posts below :grinning:).

Software wise I use Reaper and I use Windows system so you should all be sorted out :slight_smile: all the best and let us know what you ended up with!

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My 2c.

I’m still in the process of setting mine up (slowly), I’d really recommend what Adrian said about having a PC setup. Not just for recording but for learning, I was taking my guitar to the study and annoying the family until I moved my PC to the music room.

Also think of sound proofing and ergonomics. Sound proofing can be reasonably straightforward panels or you can get special soundproofing insulation. Think about things like what direction you point the amp.

Ergonomics, think about where amp is in relation to guitar and cable, what you’ll be looking at when you play, what you’ll be sitting on. When I started I didn’t have that sorted out and was constantly trying to crane my neck trying to look at music sheets on the seat next to me - much more comfortable with them on a desk or screen.


I’ll be following this thread with interest, as I am about to embark on setting up one of our spare bedrooms into music room.

Maybe we should all post pictures when we are done?

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Before retiring from a career in tech, my workstation consisted of a motorized desk and a PC with two 24 in displays. This allowed me to work standing or sitting. I now use this setup for my music station, where I can play standing or sitting. The displays are great for my 70-year-old eyes, and I can spread items out across them. E.g., a window with a DAW on one and music references on the other. From an audio perspective, I connect the headphone output of the PC to the Aux-In on my Katana amp. Whatever I’m listening to on the PC comes through the amp, either speaker or headphones connected to the amp. For recording I have a Scarlett 2i2 plugged in the PC and use Ableton Live as the DAW.
I don’t hang my guitars on the wall (yet) because I don’t have so many (yet) that I need to manage the space.