Music Theory Live Class I

Post your questions about our Music Theory Live Class I here. This is also where you will post your entry to the #PMTChallenge1.


Very enjoyable session, thanks Justin. Also a big thanks to Richard & Laryne, you managed to keep it running smooth.

I was a bit sceptic that the session would be either too easy or too difficult, given we have students from different grades joining. But I think there was enough ‘beginner’ and ‘advanced’ content to keep everyone interested.

Keeping the sessions centered around a specific theme seems to be the best option for me. Random Q&A is likely to throw people off and lead to rabbit holes. The current format with Richard picking relevant questions in the chat works best as far as I’m concerned.

Looking forward to the next session!


Thanks for a great session. Lots there to think about.


  • I had an unstable connection for some reason. I missed every third or fourth line of dialogue so I’m going to listen again to the recording

  • I’m new to zoom and wwasn’t quite sure where to type questions. Ended up typing in both

  • Difficult to follow some of the answers as I’m probably only just getting to grips with the function of the chords and degrees. It must be difficult to answer a question about a more advanced topic which relies on me having the understanding of the underlying/preceding lessons. I think I’m on or around module 4.3 so anything beyond that I lost the thread a little.

  • I’m going to have to go back and slowly watch your explanations when you are playing. The capacity of my brain to follow the explanation and the demo (fingering) is sadly lacking.

  • I think a free for all Q&A would be quite chaotic with only some topics in my current level of understanding (if you understand my meaning - I don’t know what I don’t know).

  • I think I would prefer the themed approach - so your scales and chords theme for next time very much appeals. I cand prepare myself by looking at those lessons/modules on the MTL course.

  • All in all it’s a really good start. It will eveolve into another great offering. Thank you so much. Can’t wait til next month. Bring it on.

Best regards


I loved it. Yes, more please.

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Disagree entirely. For me it was way too advanced and I didn’t understand about 95% of it. The lesson needs to state at what level it is aimed at next time.

I must have missed the live class… Will there be access to a recording? Also, for future live classes, how do I find the date/time and link ?

as a beginner, i found it extremely helpful and useful :+1::+1::+1:. will there be a recording posted somewhere for review?


I thought it was really interesting and a great way for Justin to address individual questions from his audience. Loved the fact that real life issues had to be addressed with the Zoom settings first. As it was my first Zoom meeting and good to learn that I wasn’t the only one on a learning curve with it. :+1:t2: Some of the content was a little farther advanced than where i am at the moment in the theory course. But all the same, i learned a lot from it. Plus it will all make more sense when i reach the relevant lessons. Am i correct in thinking that we will be informed within this topic group of how we are to submit our “ Homework “ as such ? Looking forward to the next meeting and the journey ahead. Thank you to those that made this possible. Regards, Mel.


I was not able to get to this one because of work… AARRGGHH!!! Life eh!!! I am looking forward to the replay and getting involved… I did read I think in the invitation email that there would be some homework too… so looking forward to that… So… here I am… waiting :slight_smile:

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I thought the first online class was interesting and very good, despite some initial teething issues with Zoom, well done Richard @Richard_close2u for sorting out. Nice to see Justin live.

Most of the content was at the level I am at so that was fine and the part about resolving chords was something I was aware of but knew nothing about in detail, need to investigate further.

I think it would be helpful to give an indication of the level of the proposed content, however this should not put people off as like resolving chords it was beyond my level but interesting to get that insight.

Looking forward to the next one. :notes:


PS I thought I had given up “homework” more than fifty years ago


What’s this homework thing that is being mentioned? Perhaps I missed it but can’t recall any reference to homework!

Stuart @Stuartw
As I recall you have to come up with a 4 or 8 bar chord progression that sounds ok. I think it is also is going to come out in an email.
Already given this some thought as I am in danger of ending up with one from a song I know. I am going for a 8 bar version and make the first and last chord i and roll the die to fill in the ones in between and see what it sounds like, if a few tweaks make it sound reasonable ok but if not then start again. If I have time will do this in the keys of F C G D A E, think I am going to need some power chords or triads for the later keys.


Honestly I love every minute of the class!! Still on a high from it all.

My question is this. Please forgive me if it’s already asked but where will the class video be posted?

Thank you to you both and Justin…made my day…be a long time since I really enjoyed something.

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Donald @Quadzilla
There is a slot for it after Grade 7 in the PMT Course but it has not been posted yet.

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Ah ok cool. I’ll keep an eye out. I bounce around in the Lesson sequence. As I struggle with basic rhythm but leads and solos I do fine.

Thank you

I think Justin said that he wanted two chord progressions. One for the verse and one for the chorus. Good luck.


I thought the live session was fantastic. I’ve been somewhat bogged down in my music theory journey, and my motivation has been kicked up a notch. There were two ways that I thought the live sessions were a big help:

  1. Having more of a free form presentation of the material, driven by the questions, helped me further my understanding of some key topics. The same material presented in a slightly different way than the original online lessons can lead to real “lightbulb” moments in clarity of understanding. I had several during the session.

  2. The material that was covered included topics from several lessons at once. This helped to tie topics together and improve understanding. Doing that integration of material at home, by myself, leads me to a certain level of understanding, but having it covered live was a big help.

I’m looking forward to the next one. And I’m motivated to work on some areas that have me bogged down - like learning all of the notes on the fretboard before the scales discussions.


Aled @Aledo
Yes I recall that now you mention it. Looks as though I will have to get the dice out again.


The video is now available, and we’ll add the text and email everyone a reminder about the Challenge soon! Cheers


Yes, everything I try sounds like something that I have heard on the radio. Finding an original progression is not easy, although it is fun to try.