Music Theory Live Class I

Thanks a lot, Gordon! :slight_smile: Yeah, basis is there, but now comes the hard part: melody and lyrics (even though I have pieces of the melody in mind already).

@Lisa_S & @SILVIA two lovely sets of progressions, both of you :slight_smile:
Look forward to see if they develop


Thanks a lot, Brian. I feel the “pressure” rising. :wink:

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Haha, the only pressure you should pay attention to is creativity trying to get out :wink:


Sylvia, that was a beautiful progression. Some lyrics and you’ve got a song!

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Loved the class! Couldn’t watch it live since I was at work but the replay gave me time to hit pause take notes and play along.

The chord exercise was insightful. I tried many combinations that I thought should work but didn’t, which forced me to think through the theory and also chord voicing choices ie if the highest octave notes played aren’t the root of the chord I’m leading to, it doesn’t sound as “nice” to my ears. For example compare open chords Am D7 G and Dm G7 C. Playing the C with string 1 muted sounded “better” than letting it ring out the high E.

Anyway here’s my chord progression:

In G major

|G G6 |Em Em7|Am Asu4|C Cmaj7|
|Am |D7 |G |G |

|G Em |Am D7|G Em|Am D7|

The idea in the first four bars is to introduce chord tones from the next bar G6 adds E and leads to Em and so on.


@brianlarsen @sairfingers thanks for the encouragment, it’s much appreciated :blush: It’s not my intention to make it evolve at the moment as I want to avoid to feel overwhelmed with things to do and practice, but I take my eyes and ears open to any input that could remind me “oh! my chord progressions”!


Hello! I think I made this more complicated than I needed to. I have some software called Mix Pad that will accept an input from my amp and create a MIDI file. I also have Guitar Pro 8. I thought I could import the MIDI file I had created into Guitar Pro and create a score, but Guitar Pro didn’t recognize the MIDI. It says I should be able to directly input to Guitar Pro , but I either have something set up wrong or don’t have the correct equipment. That’s a future project. I suppose I could make a video, but no. So I manually create a score in Guitar Pro. Learned a bunch of stuff doing that which is good. It’s in A. Kind of an 8 bar blues. Three verses and 2 choruses.

Intro: A C#m Bm D

Verse: A A D A A E D A

Bridge: Bm C#m

Chorus: D D E E

It needs work if I’m going to take it further. Anyway, it was fun.


The laughs on me. After I wrote this I started thinking about where I heard about Guitar Pro. Well, a while ago I had watched a Justin video and bought it. The video cleared up a lot of questions I had when I watched it last night. Damn I’m a dummy sometimes. Maybe I need to write some lyrics with the phrase, “Justin to the rescue, Justin to the rescue again.”

Have a great day and be safe.


Hi folks …


Hi Richard,
I had the email link for the first class.
Does that mean I’ll automatically get the others or do I have to register for each one now as they come up?

That’s a question for @larynejg


Hey everyone! Please register to ATTEND the Music Theory Live Classes here from now on. Once you do it, you’ll receive an email with the Zoom link if you’re registered in our mailing list.

Could someone explain the time to me? It says 15:30 UTC-5. I thought Britain was on UTC so I’m not following. I’m in Eastern Standard Time starting tomorrow, which is 5 hrs behind UTC, so does that mean start time for me is 15:30, or 10:30? (I have a doctor’s appt 10:20 so I’m hoping for 15:30!)



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You should be good for 15:30 Mari.

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Hi @Mari63 I am UTC (0) and my email says 20:30, so it would be 15:50 for you. Hope that helps


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@TheMadman_tobyjenner @TonyHS thank you both! I understand now it’s giving me MY time! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, 1530 UTC-5 is a pretty meaningless way to specify time. Better to just give the UTC time and let everyone convert that to their local time.

I disagree. It’s a very good way of giving the time.

When I looked, I had to take a second glance to realise that it was my local time.

But that is what it is: my local time, as @Stuartw says. For me it says UTC+8 which I recognise as my local time.

That is all the info I need to know to understand when it’s happening.

For you it may something different, but it will precisely explain what time it is for you, assuming your timezone settings are accurate. And if they aren’t, it’s still everything you need to understand what time it is scheduled for.



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Here are my chord progressions in th e key of A:
verses: A F#m Bm E, repeat a couple of times
the “chorusy” part is C#m F#m C#m F#m D E then swing around back to A in the verse line

I was skeptical that I could come up with something like this but have to admit, I had a lot of fun with this. I’m working during the next class, but will definitely watch it
later. You hinted that we will have more fun with our songs and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Thanks!