My adventure into Digital Art!

I’ve been experimenting with some different types of Digital Art, including AI Apps. I’ve found that a lot of the AI Apps tend to give some strange results and leave unwanted artefacts or odd things like extra fingers or toes. So I’ve been trying out an App that I can use to correct some of the weirdness :laughing:
Here’s a few results of what I’ve done the past few days, most of the things I’ve been working on so far is Fantasy characters for my Grandchildren who have been asking me to get them something for posters!


Very good. My artistic abilities are purely musical. For visual art I rely on my wife or AI. Just yesterday I got ChatGPT to generate an image of a random phrase: Purple Monkey Dishwasher


Hi Darrell, which app do you use, like you I’ve tried some with dreadful results, if they worked at all.


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Very interested in this too Darrell, I’ve been using this website for a few months and although there are some free images, you need to buy credits after a while.

It generates some good images but the “extras” can spoil a really good result. I picked this one at random as it has the “guitarist dream” that 3rd hand :rofl:

I suspect my grand kids are older than yours :rofl:


Still not sure, if I’m facinated what can be done by those apps or if I’m feeling unpleasantly touched (not sure about the correct expression) by those artificial figures :open_mouth:. :joy:.



Ha, nice one :rofl:
The third hand would be a bit too much for me, but I like the idea of a 6th finger at the fretting hand :+1:


I fancy myself some digital painting now and then, here are 2 pieces I made for some Magic The Gathering tournaments

these are NON AI PIECES but digitally painted in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet and digital pen, composed various elements based on LOTS of reference material

While AI art only takes seconds to generate, this took me hours and hours :smiley:
You do have control over every detail though :smiley:
Photoshop can let you erase and retry endlessly, I could never do this on canvas :smiley:

They replace offical card art for the Magic cards “Rapid Decay” and “Dark ritual”


@Libitina @TheMadman_tobyjenner
Hmm I can see rather a lot more weirdness about that, like Bass length necks with 8 strings, an extra finger on the fretting hand and that’s just a quick look :rofl:
Two to try: Adobe Firefly, free online use but it’s ok, you have to put in your text input negative phrases, if you don’t it does lots of crazy things!
Stable Diffusion online, again the same applies as above.
I use an App called YouDoodle Pro for touching up and rectifying oddities.


If you’re on an iPad I use Wonder, it’s free for a short trial then Subscription but it’s not expensive.

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Very nice, I have done things that way as well but the main reason for going AI is it’s very good with colours and shading. It’s not something that you get instant gratification with, to do it with a high degree of detail successfully it takes hours of trials to get as accurate and precise as possible with your text input as possible . You also need to research the styles you want to achieve by well know artists to include their details in your prompts.

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This is one where I used an image in Wonder to supplement the text content, I wasn’t happy with all of what came out so I edited them in YouDoodle pro. Mostly it was the Tattoos and her eyes which looked a bit weird!

For those who don’t know it’s Tatiana Shmayluk from the Ukrainian band Jinjer.


Sounds like I might just need this for touch ups then. Nightcafe uses Stable Diffusion and quite a few other “modeller” like for different styles and results. My go to is SDXL 1.0

It also has a default negative phrase setting which I might need to get rid of the extra digits, limbs and floating wine glasses. :rofl:


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Had an itch that needed scratching. Here’s a well known 'Sabbath song. :rofl:

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Five fingers and a thumb!

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Yeah saves you making them long fret stretches ! :rofl:

This is pretty good, I did some trials before bed , here’s a resuts of a character i’ve been working on.

The face wasn’t important but the uniform was the eye catcher. The collar blended into a pauldrom/lapel was a really nice touch. Worthy of a 3d model attempt.


Which option did you use for it?
For a first attempt it’s really quite good, you seem to have got the hang of it very well. If there’s anything different you might want then try editing the text - for example if you want to change the face, who would you like it to be like? It works well if you want it to be a well known person, alternatively if you have the image input option (like on Wonder find an image of that person and crop it down to just the head and shoulders and tell it to use the image as reference for the face only.

So that one is nightcafe (the female), I uploaded a reference image, but chose real cartoon as the model selection and style was night cafe.

these images use real cartoon with the same ref image.
These are just stunning works. Fantastic for character creation

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They keep adding new Models recently, I can’t keep up !!
Real Cartoon XL v4 I assume ? Not tried that yet. :thinking:
I see Stable Diffusion is still free and certainly a good starting point.

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Real Cartoon XL v4 I