My art collaboration with redrhodie

Its been a while since we’ve posted any art on the old forum but here’s an opportunity to rectify that. Here’s my latest painting, its called High Street (standing in the shadows… waiting). High Street is in my home town and was the street on which the hull of the Bounty was built and its most famous resident was William Wilberforce.

I wasn’t able to upload photos on the old forum so here’s hoping this works


That’s really good Keith, yes it’s a bit different to post all sorts on here - I’m having a ball!

Hi Darrell. High Street is Keith’s painting. I know it’s confusing that we share the art thread.

I’ll try posting a couple of mine:

of mine.


Ah, good to see the art return here as well!


Thank you! I’m starting to enjoy the new community. Wasn’t sure at first. :crazy_face:


Really excellent! It seems much better than the old forum.

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Delighted to see you’ve decided to continue this Topic in the new home.

All the paintings looked lovely. I’ve missed you sharing your works of art.

New platform makes sharing images sooo much easier.

@diademgrove Keith, is the “Standing in the shadows” a borrow from the Stones? Had to Google to know who Wilberforce was.

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Very nice Lynne, so much easier isn’t it?

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Not consciously no, I do like singing Have you seen your mother baby? Badly and out of tune. The conscious borrow was The Stranglers song In the Shadows.

That’s not a reference I’d ever pick, Keith. The only two Stranglers songs that I know and can name are Golden Brown and Peaches. Maybe I would recognise others without knowing that they were their songs.

In The Shadows is … interesting.

Given a YT listen to Peaches the video description included:

Critic Dave Thompson later wrote:
“From bad-mannered yobs to purveyors of supreme pop delicacies, the group was responsible for music that may have been ugly and might have been crude – but it was never, ever boring.”

In The Shadows sure showcases the truth in that observation.

Your musical references married in with your paintings are also always interesting. Still have good memories of those paintings you produced each illustrating a song title. Good fun even if I think I got only 2 of the many you shared in the series (even with Lynn’s clues).


I saw the Stranglers in the 70s in Bridlington. A great gig. I wasn’t keen on Golden Brown but their cover of Walk on By is really good. I also like their bass lines. You should give them a listen.

Once I get my current canvases used I might do another set of 12" single covers. It was enjoyable doing them.


@redrhodie I corrected my first reply now I’ve found out how :joy:

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Impressed! Hope you got a badge for that!

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I think so (hope so :joy:)

In The Shadows - that takes me back.
I had the first five Stranglers album on vinyl and played them to death.

Lovely to see you both posting your painting here.

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Thanks Richard. I’m so glad we’re welcome to post here, as this is where we met and where we were inspired to move into painting. If I hadn’t learned guitar from Justin, I wouldn’t be painting, or working on harpsichords.

Keith, I hope it’s okay if I post your big news-- he just had TWO paintings accepted into the Ferens Open today! Really, really excited for you! :heart::heart: One is the painting in the opening thread, High Street.

Please show the other one.

I also had a painting accepted into a show in October, which was very exciting.

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Thanks for the welcome. The only Stranglers album I have is Black and White. I play it sometimes when I’m painting. I borrowed the first two albums when they came out and whilst some of the songs were excellent I spent my record money on old blues LPs instead. The joys of searching through record racks for Elmore James, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf and Robert Johnson. Now they’re all available within seconds on the internet.

Good to see the two of you back and sharing your wonderful art. Feeling more and more like home.
And Keith’s first post, reminiscent of many towns of the East Coast, was there a Fish n Chip shop ? :sunglasses:

No fish and chip shop. Plenty of public houses though.

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Congratulations, Keith, that is wonderful.

Bravo, Lynn, thrilled for you. Have you shared a picture of that work?