My cover of Coldplay's Fix You

Hello! It has been cold and gloomy here for quite a while so I tried to play a warm song.

You guys are so kind when I uploaded my first AVOYP a while ago, it gave me great courage and strength.

I also stick to the ‘keep playing even if you made a mistake’ rule that Justin mentioned, I almost believed I didn’t play any chord wrong :face_holding_back_tears:

I tried to stick to guitar playing in this difficult time, hope everyone is well :heartbeat: love you guys

omg i just realized i made a loud noise at the end of this video, sorry in advance to you if you get startled!


Hmm… Yes, the loud noise got me back to earth at the end :earth_asia:

You have a very beautiful voice, Rinka, and you showed lots of stamina and resilience when you kept playing and singing through a few little hiccups.

I loved your rendition, and I didn’t mind those rare little flaws at all. Your song fits the mood here as well. It’s barely in the minus degrees and grey and gloomy. One of those days when you can guess that winter will end but the sun is nowhere to be seen. One of those days, when it’s cold without really being cold.

Your song warmed me. Thank you so much. It’s a shame however that your guitar is barely visible in the video…

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Thanks Joku, sorry about the startle! Keep warm in this weather, I’ve been telling myself to enjoy the present even it’s far from the best moments of life.

Thank you for liking my clip, your comment warmed my heart too :smiling_face:

And here is a pic of my orange guitar


Thank you, I love orange guitars … there is something about them :orange_heart:

I understand that you are a strong woman. Hopefully, even if it’s just small things, sharing your beautiful music with us can help you to feel a little better.

I would send you sunshine, but there is no sun today in Southern Finland. So I will just send you good thoughts.

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Hello Rinka, this was so nicely played and sung with emotion! You have a beautiful voice indeed and a gentle touch on those strings that made your performance really sweet.
Thanks for sharing , it was a pleasure to listen to it! :blush:

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Thank you Silvia for the extremely sweet comment :blush: Hope you have a pleasant day

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Good job @rinka :clap::clap::clap:

Your voice is really sweet and soothing. Nice way to start the day.

Hopefully next time we can see the guitar on your video as well :sweat_smile:

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Most enjoyable, Rinka, singing and playing.

Thanks for the warning about the noise at the end. I make a habit of watching my videos from start to finish after recording before uploading and often find I need to tidy something up.

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I like this a lot Rinka, well done to you :slight_smile:
Your voice compliments the song super well, I will look forward to more!
(and similarly, thank you for the warning!!) :wink:

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That was great Rinka, and your vocals were lovely matching the song well. I’m looking forward to hearing more. :clap:

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Nice to meet you, Rinka. Your song was so pretty. I loved your vocals. I went back and read and watched your other posts. I encourage you to keep on playing, even in difficult times. You will be happy you did.

Haha! I jumped at the end - even with your warning, :grin:

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Beautifully done Rinka … just like the previous one and it’s good that you continued playing and singing … :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Beautifully played and sung Rinka. Well done, keep doing what you’re doing.
Perhaps reframe your camera next time so we can see your fretting and strumming hands. That way you’ll get tips on playing technique and others can learn from you too.

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This is great Rinka :exclamation: Great playing :exclamation: Beautiful voice :exclamation: In tune voice :exclamation: You’re a natural :exclamation: Keep on my friend and thanks for sharing. Love it. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Rinka, this gave me chills. This is a great performance. And you have a beautiful voice that compliments this beautiful song really well. In fact, I may start working on this one myself. Thank you for the inspiration and thank you for the “LOUD NOISES” warning. :wink:

Would love to see your guitar when you play because if I learn this song, I wanna do it the way you did. Bravo.


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I think you sounded amazing playing this song. The melody was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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Hi Carlos, thank you for the kind words. Next time I promise there will be guitar haha!

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Thank you Roger, your comment always warms my heart :smiling_face:

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Hi Jeff, thank you for the very kind comment :smiling_face:
I played this song using the F-shape bar chord across the fret, I like it better than the open strings, bar chords just always sound fuller :wink:

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Thank you for the very useful suggestion, I will next time i post :blossom: