My first Classical Guitar Anniversary

Hello Guitar Friends :hugs: These are the two little pieces I worked on this past month…I’m still quite clumsy using thumb to pick the bass strings (such a pity it doesn’t sound much legato there, it will), as I’ve focused on alternating i/m for all this time, but…hey I’ve started playing two voices pieces now and i/m still can alternate almost on autopilot on the melody line even if thumb gets in the way! :partying_face::notes::notes:
I usually share my CG progress on my Learning Log, but I’m posting this also here to celebrate with all of you who always are so supportive! :heart_decoration::gift_heart:…Cheers :clinking_glasses::champagne::clinking_glasses::champagne::clinking_glasses::champagne::clinking_glasses:

Following below…for those who like reading and might be interested in the subject of how I finally made up my mind to get into Classical Guitar…and for those only, index finger being already defined as pointer for its function and the time being ripe for a well deserved and legit dictionary definition as "downscroller":sweat_smile: - really, don’t read it, it’s too long!

:musical_score: Learning Classical Guitar in my 40s…no, it’s not been the easiest decision to take…
…you know they say the right hand technique is so difficult, and…Music Standard Notation…and…and bla bla bla…

:notes: Given the level of self-doubt with my Acoustic Guitar learning and the struggles to detect and eradicate bad habits strongly rooted in the past…and this perceiving in myself a difficulty to focus on playing (even strumming a simple 3 chords song from start to finish seemed an arduous undertaking!)…rationally speaking learning the Classical Guitar was not an idea that I even dared to think of!

:notes: Rhythm strumming guitar was progressing and yet so challenging, my fingerpicking sounded at least sweeter to my ear and while I put a lot of commitment in it in January 2022, after rethinking a lot of Justin’s Food for Thought and making my own “I CAN” list, I finally decided to have a try at Fur Elise; the result far from being perfect very much pleased my own self and only a couple of months later I was learning an easy arrangement of Bhrams’ Lullaby…and also that one turned out to please my ear and my soul immensely! Nevertheless in both cases I couldn’t play confidently without mistakes… I know I do look very confident in Fur Elise’s video…eh I was cheating and just “playing the Classical Guitarist”! Yes I felt like there was a baby musician in me! I knew my fingers needed more solid criteria to pick through the strings, I knew I lacked technique and knowledge.

:notes: The idea of starting a structured learning, if it even crossed my mind, I wasn’t fully aware of it. But I more and more listened to Classical Guitar pieces, felt more and more inspired and more and more I was fascinated by those elegant dots on the staves!

:notes: You know Justin’s Food for Thought about being Standard Notation worth learning? Why some food is so hard to digest?! - I apologise Teacher, if you’re by chance reading this, I didn’t like that lesson then, but be assured that I’ m very grateful for it now! - I wouldn’t doubt Justin’s teaching and yet I couldn’t help enjoying my innacurate attempts at writing those dots down…what to take from that lesson? I trusted him and his experience and wanted to follow his teaching…but how? The answer was only one, and Justin repeats it a few times in the lesson, I had it in front of my eyes and yet I couldn’t see it…

:notes: In the meanwhile I was following a 50 hours course on Emotional Intelligence for my job and as soon as the Neurosciences explanation of our Amigdala’s role in learning was mentioned anything about my inclinations and struggles made sense…that getting stuck in my strumming with no rational reason, like feeling frozen all of a sudden and…oohhh my being so fascinated by those Standard Notation Notes and my marked inclination for melodies over rhythm…I was bewildered, both positevely and negatively; but I had cried enough tears already…awh that old nasty story, not again! I had already learned to be indulgent to myself for my weaknesses and now it was time to acknowledge where my streghts did come from…and I found myself overwhelmed by that deep sense of well-being I used to experience when I was a little girl playing her recorder at school, when
the Music Teacher used to praise my playing so much. It’s worth mentioning also that the inspiration from listening to and watching Ana Vidovic’ s playing reached such a level that…yes I just couldn’t help it anymore and I surrended to the blasting enthusiasm to start.

:notes: It was July 1rst last year, when the courier delivered the Classical Guitar Method Books series I had carefully chosen, and I thought " :white_check_mark: Teacher! The lesson is learned!" That’s how it is…Justin’s lessons are so often making me question and investigate and lead me to a better understanding of… my own self!

:notes: Now this post is already too long and I’m sure there’s no need to dwell on how fully engaged and happy I am with my Classical Guitar as I’m sure you already know! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Beautiful Silvia!
Sounds amazing!
Classical guitar suits you really well! Always loved the sound from them, something about that sound i really like.
Put out more videoes please :grin:

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Happy first classical guitarversary, Silvia! :partying_face: :tada:

Your post was definitely not too long, in contrary, it was an interesting read. You opened up and shared your thoughts and feelings on the journey, that’s awesome! :smiley:
So many of us can relate to that - maybe not with classical guitar in particular, but in general. So thanks a lot for sharing that story behind! :slight_smile:

I liked the two pieces a lot (as I do with the clips in your leraning log as well) and they are clearly reflecting the huge progress you made during that year. :+1: Even better, I can see and feel the joy you seem to have while playing those! :clap:

Aleady looking forward to the next clip! :slight_smile:

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Happy 1st Classical Guitar Anniversary, Silvia. It’s been amazing following your progress over the year. The joy in your face shines through in your playing. You have made remarkable progress and should be very proud of what you have achieved over the year.

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This is beautiful, Silvia :slightly_smiling_face:. I can imagine you being a bard (although, have there ever been female bards?) at a court somewhere entertaining noble people gathering there.

Happy anniversary :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you all guys and girls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush:

You’ll enjoy your new Uke sound as well Trond as…guess what?! It has nylon strings too :wink::grin:

The progress has been slow and steady and only on the fundamentals, so it is huge from my point of you, because I feel the foundations are growing solid :muscle::muscle::grin:

I am James! I feel comfortable in my slow pace and enjoying every single practice session! My knowledge and understanding is growing at every step and I 've been developing a good study method. Working on the easy materials, allowing time for the skills to develop and for me to digest and understand…all that is now starting to pay dividends! And…I’m a confident learner, that’s the best achievement!

What a fine picture you draw for me Nicole! Grazie mille! Noble people…:thinking:…do you think they would pay well? I :joy::money_mouth_face::crazy_face:


Of course :slightly_smiling_face: You would be such as wanted court musician that they would have to pay you in gold and jewels jewels…


…jewels jewels jewels :star_struck::joy::joy::joy:

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… didn’t even notice that I put that there twice by accident… Yes, all the riches you can ever dream of…

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Beautiful playing, you’ve come so far! I’m glad you decided to start your classical journey because it’s been so inspiring seeing your progress. I still have those classical guitar method books you suggested in “to buy” list on Amazon.

I wish you another year of learning and growing!

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Sounds great, Silvia! I remember listening to the Romeros play live, it was incredible. I think it’s great that you decided to enter the world of classical guitar. Thank you for the video.

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An absolutely lovely rendition… very peaceful and soothing to the psyche in this “too fast” & “instant gratification” modern world of ours. Thank you for sharing!
One of my “Dreamer” songs is Malagueña… I have the sheet music but sadly not the ability…
Again, I enjoyed this piece immensely!


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Awesome!!! Really nice playing and sound, and you look like you are in
such a happy place as you play. Well done.

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Happy Anniversary Silvia…
:gift: :bouquet: :sunglasses: :clap: :confetti_ball: :tada: :guitar: :notes: :postal_horn::metal:…uh no that is not the right emotie… :ok_hand:

Greetings,and I wish you a perfect next year…


Thank you so much for all your kind words Alexis, it’s my pleasure to share it and a privilege to have this large Community! I would reccomend this method, as from the very beginning the exercises are presented as little pieces that the student learns to play “musically”…so the technique is always at the service of being able to express our own musicality, even if you’re playing only three simple notes; that makes the daily session always enjoyable.

Thanks to you for checking it out and leave a kind comment, I very much appreciate it!

Thank you soo much! It really means a lot to me to read other people enjoyed my playing! I do agree with you, this world runs too fast…learning to play an instrument is such a good chance we all have to stop it for the time of a daily practice session and enjoy a slow pace of learning with the only expectation to be fully engaged in what we’re doing…it’s true one also want to be able to perform…but I feel free to consider it like a “side aspect”…

Thank you Dave for your kind words! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Yes, I am in my happy place when I play :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you Rogier! It’ll be perfect as I’m in very good company here to share my guitar adventures and disadventures! Thanks for being there :heart:


Hi Silvia,

That sounded wonderful.
“I’m still quite clumsy…”

Couldn’t tell.
To quote J’s most important “lesson” - “If it sounds good - it is good.”
And this did.



Your playing was wonderful Silvia. Congrats on your 1st anniversary with the classical guitar :clap:
It’s always interesting to read about other people’s journeys and how they got to where they are. Good to see that you didn’t let self-doubt win, and that you’re moving forward full steam ahead now! Best of luck on your next year of classical guitar and the many more after that :slight_smile:

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Happy 1st classical guitariversary!! :smiley: :partying_face: :dancing_women: :tada: :piñata: :champagne: :clinking_glasses:
That is just gorgeous playing you have shared! You have really a great talent that is evolving beautifully. I thoroughly enjoy listening to your classical pieces, I find them dreamy and uplifting whilst melancholic and foreboding at the same time, love it! :guitar: :notes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you also for adding the additional passages about the journey, a most enjoyable read. Always so lovely to hear about the story behind the result. Congrats again, Silvia, for a year well spent! :clap: :smiling_face: You have certainly earned your lion’s share of the jewels jewels jewels! :gem: :gem: :gem: :wink: :joy:

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I’m always mesmerized by your performances. You are so into it all. It’s in your heart and soul. Congratulations on your Guitarversary!

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Congratulations Silvia on your 1st Classical Guitar Anniversary. I am so glad you found a genre that suited you. You play that guitar with real passion and beauty. Keep it up.

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