My First Collab! Broken - Seether

So i met this lady and shes really good and we made this song. Me and her on vocals, her on the acoustic, drums from the internet, and me on the lead!!! So awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Heres a A.I Video I did along with the song!!. Its pretty cool hope you guys like it!


Super stuff, Byron. That’s great that you’ve found someone to develop your music with buddy. I think that is going to take your musicianship up another level. The song sounded good and enjoyed your lead playing.

That sounds good, Bytron. Hope it proves to be a good experience.

Love her voice and guitar play. Liked your lead play. Great tone

Good collaboration. Liked your friends voice and your lead playing. Hope it leads it more.

Thanks guys! Yeah my latency is off on my ableton and she had to keep moving my sound track into sync with her backtrack. Im trying to figure out how to fix that!

Nice Job, probably the best I have heard from you Byron. It sounds like she did the mixing? I am not sure on your latency issue. Because latency normally is set by an amount that it is off and does not vary. The way you describe it, is that your tracks are “floating” timing wise, as opposed to hers? That does not make sense to me. You may have something else going on that is throwing off the timing. Are you both locked in on the BPM tempo settings sample rate?

You should be supply her with DRY tracks and let her put on the Fx via plugs. Your lead guitar would be the exception to that. This might help tame the out of sync issue???

I liked your lead work, is that GTR3? Vocals are pretty good. They could be better by using some spot leveling to sync you 2 up better in leveling. Compression would help some on this as well. I found her a bit soft in the mix. Your vox was out front more. If that is what you wanted as you in the lead and her backing, it is what I hear. Her guitar play on acoustic is very solid and nice. Great job there. Drums are fairly good to my ear. Even better knowing they are from the Net. However you 2 could up the game by making drums on one of your computers and building up the midi to fire the drum kit pieces by hand or via loops.

Good video that fit the song. All in all a good collab and it sounds like you are getting the bug to do more than just pop on the phone and cowboy out a song in 20 minutes. The world of sound and music are awesome! Welcome to that realm mate!

All the best and keep up your journey,

EDIT PS - On this latency issue. What is she moving around? If it is your vocals and you are giving her “WET” vocals, it might be the amount of delay you have on your vocal track(s) or stems you gave her. The fix there would be to record your vocals dry and send her that. Allow her to put on the vocal treatment. It may not be this at all, but it might be and is worth looking at.

Thanks LBro!!! Yes she did the mixing!! Better than what i could do LOL! It took us a week and a half to do this! Yeah i just give her dry vocals but she still had to piece it all together, shes trying to help me figure out my latency issue. Buffer sizes and all that. I use mme/direct x. Id use ASIO but i cant hear anything when i use that… Its instant ive noticed and in sync with everything. She says i need to use windows audio, but i dont have that option in ableton. She told me maybe i need to use waveform? Thats what shes using.

Yeah i used GT3 :slight_smile: Awesome little plugin lol.

We will probably just start out using drums from the net, im not familiar on looping drums and such., though id love to do that!!!

I think you might have mentioned your issue above. YOU MUST USE ASIO. This is set at the AI or Interface mate within Live. Normally you define in Ableton that you will use ASIO. Then there should be a way to set up what channels are used. There are many videos on this at YT. Here is but one. DO NOT USE ASIO for ALL!!! It sucks and has a lot of latency built in. What AI do you have? It SHOULD have drivers for it and you most certainly want to use those drivers!

Also, do not use the Windows driver! I think that might be called WDM or some such crap and it is crap. It will induce latency as well. Repeat after me… ASIO… only ASIO!


Awesome thanks Lbro, your a lifesaver ill have to try that and ill get back if I have any problems!! I use a scarlett 2i2 interface.

Here is a simpler vid on your AI in Live. Just a minute long as it is super easy to set up.

NOTE: You must first install the AI drivers and I take it you are on a Windows machine?

Thanks LB! I think i fixed the problem, i did what you said, but i can only hear anything if i have my headphones plugged into my scarlett. Anyway i can get sound to come out of my speakers with ASIO and my Scarlett (I dont think you can do that lol) Its ok if i cant? I cant set my sample rate and is stuck at 44100 for some reason, im trying to get the same settings as her. Plus when i load her stuff into my daw there is clipping? How do i fix that?

There was a huge reason folks here, tried to get you into Reaper. It was so we could easier help you. There must be 500 videos up at Reaper covering all this stuff and a ton more. I can’t fault you for going to Live as it is a nice package. But as such you will have to learn how to be self help sufficient. Look at the Focusrite web site to see what help they have. Next you want to look at YOUTUBE a lot!

For this one search on something like [setting the sample rate in a scarlett 2i2, within Ableton Live].

For “hearing” tracks and sound in Live, you need to route the channels in the tracks. I don’t run Live, so I don’t know how. You might try a YT (YouTube) search on [routing audo I/O within AL (Ableton Live)].

Clipping - Could be her tracks were clipping when recorded? Who knows, I can’t see them. You could pull down the audio level in AL. Search on it at YT. You might try turning down the fader? You might have your AI levels up too high, not sure mate.

If you get the idea you are somewhat on your own, you are correct. Sorry, but some of your questions have multiple possible answers and are on a platform I don’t know and can’t support.


Here is the FR web site help vids section:

It may help,

Making music with friends. Great stuff.

Thanks LB, ill look into it!!! Yeah i know, Reaper just wasnt my cup of tea :frowning: Thanks for your insight, its helped alot!! Ill get it figured out!!

Great song Byron! You and Alykat did great!

Very strange for me too.

It seems my world is getting small.
I’ve collaborated with Alykat on at least 10 songs over on the other forum. Which is where I came from prior to being here. On the other forum collaboration page there are still some of the work we did.
Tell Aly hi from me. She taught me everything I know about how to record. And other stuff too. I hold her in high regard and she’s a real good teacher.

Only help I can give is on the clipping (maybe). In your daw, look for turning gain down, as opposed to volume.
Since she taught me how to record, I also use waveform. In waveform, there is a gain slider and a vol. slider. Best I understand, gain turns down (or up) the input level. Vol. adjusts the end vol. And yep, Alykat taught me that trick. And it works too, ya can take the clip right out with the gain slider.
I think of it as kinda like turning your guitar vol. down from 10 to 5. Less input into your amp, therefor less clip.

Thanks for share man, that was a fun listen.
Keep on jammin man!

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Wow Happycat thats cool!!! Ill have to check out some of yalls stuff out!!! Yeah she seems like shes a real good teacher, shes very skilled and talented for sure!! Thanks for listening!!! I think I got my stuff sorted out thanks to LBro. :slight_smile:

One of your biggest challenges to learning DAW and Recording is finding information to help you. In detail that means you need to find exactly what you need for a given issue. There is a ton of stuff out there on recording and how to with in “Live”. The trick is knowing what to use as a search term. Here is an example:

I want to know more about recording levels and how to control them. So what do you search for? How about “RECORDING”. You will get back a million hits and maybe buried in there is your answer. Another maybe is you won’t find the info as there is too much returned by the search. Our search term is the issue. Instead we can search like this - “Ableton Live Recording Input Levels”. That should narrow down your search and tell you how to avoid clipping when you record your tracks. Thus, the solution here is knowing what to search so that it returns more hits specific to what you want to know.

It will take a little time for you to learn what to search on. But indeed, you will get better at it as you work with your DAW.

I don’t know if I shared this already. But have you been up to the Ableton Live website help section? It looks like they have a blog and also a getting started tutorial. I would spend some time up there and see if anything can help you out.

Also, don’t discount them 500 or so Reaper video tutorials. While they were made with Reaper in mind. There is a wealth of information there about recording and other aspects of DAW work that apply to all DAWs. Knowing how to search there is important. I expand all videos per the link or button there. Then I hit Cont-F on the keyboard for FIND and put in my search term.

Hope the above is of some help,

Thanks for the insight LBro you have been a big help and yeah your right! Ill look into it for sure! Thank you!!

WE fixed the problem everything lines up perfect now! Vocals, and Guitar. Now we are working on my original!