My first upload to the community

Hi my name is John I live in Scotland

I joined Justin guitar lessons a couple of years ago, but have never put any of my recordings up.
I have been playing badly for years and never seem to play anything all the way through.
So I took myself back to the beginning as if I’d never played before, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. ( using Justin’s guitar lessons)
I now write and record my own music using GarageBand, so that has also been a huge learning curve , I’ve only touched the sides of recording so I’m not great at it, but determined to learn.
I have one acoustic guitar and thee excellent budget electric guitars by Harley Benton and a Harley Benton inspired Rickenbacker bass.
My singing isn’t great either. But I’m building my confidence up and think I might be ready to share my work.
I hope you enjoy listening to my song. Its called Yelling at clouds

I don’t have anyone to bounce my ideas off so I look forward to any and all comments, advice good or bad.

I would also like to say I play for my own enjoyment and don’t expect too much, until now no one has ever heard my music.

All instruments, vocals, arrangements, lyrics, recordings are by me, apart from drums which are GarageBand

I hope I have uploaded it to the correct section

Thanks for taking the time to listen



Well my goodness, I’m afraid I’m not a good enough guitarist to pass any helpful comment but what I can say is that I fully enjoyed that production, well played and well sung. Congratulations. :+1:


Wow John, that is an impressive debut! I’m looking forward to more. :clap:


Wow. Fantastic story i am in my 8th month of playing and I am no expert but I am very impressed.

Well done Bro!

I say what you do now is keep it up.

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That was super John. Very impressive production! Keep up the good work!!!

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I’m inspired by you John!
You are a rock star in the making!
I hope to someday post something here.

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Many thanks guys for all the kind comments, it’s a good boost to moral.
I’m not sure that I have developed a style yet, I’m not sure where what comes out of my guitar comes from as it doesn’t sound like any of my influences.
My influence range from pink floyd, hawkwind , velvet underground, gong, Rolling Stones, primal scream, massive attack, Portishead, bob marley, the clash and much more. I particularly into psychedelic and trip hop

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That was great, John, really enjoyed it.

So welcome to the Community and I wish you joy and success.

Yes, this is in the correct spot.

You asked for feedback. The singing, playing, tone, and arrangement all sounded good to me.

I think all that needs a little attention to improve what you have (in my humble amateur opinion) is the panning and leveling of some of the tracks.

Currently I hear everything in the centre. I think it would sound better to get some width by panning some of the guitar tracks either left or right, create some space for each instrument to be heard more clearly.

Once that is done then maybe some tweaking of individual levels may be necessary to get a good balance.

That said, it already is a most enjoyable listen, so this is a thought to maybe make a good even better. And mixing is always so subjective.

Rock on!!

Awesome John!! You needn’t have waited so long to share imo, this is really good stuff. There’s an Oasis vibe to this which may or may not be a good thing to be told :wink:

Structure is spot on, catchy riff and lovely lead work!! I like your vocals, please please do share more!

Bravo :slight_smile: :guitar: :heartbeat: :clap:

Hi David
Thanks for your comments.
Yeah I think I need to be a little more bold with the panning , and trying to tune my ear in a bit better when doing EQ and mixing. I follow Colin cross the band guy on YouTube for my GarageBand tutorials, I can highly recommend him.

Thanks for the kind comments, I look forward to uploading more soon

Thanks for your comments and yes go for it, regardless of what stage you are at , don’t be shy about uploading. When it’s done it’s done

Thanks I’ll try to upload another in a couple of weeks

Hi John. The votes are in: You really should not be keeping your music to yourself.


Well that was an amazing piece of work John! Truly enjoyable to listen to. I know you asked for feedback but I’m struggling to find anything to critique at all :joy:
Make the vocals slightly higher in the mix in the final parts of the song? But really that’s not a big deal at all. I loved it.

Hi John,

I can only echo what others have said: That was a fab debut! :smiley: I’m glad you stopped keeping your music to yourself and at least shared it with us. You deserve to be heard, that was a great production! Looking forward to hearing more of you. :slight_smile:

Awesome, great job buddy!

Hi John. Always pleasure to welcome a fellow Scot to the Community.
That was a terrific debut AVOYP, all the more so since you wrote and produced it yourself.

I’m certainly not a recording/mixing expert but to my ears the whole thing sounded a bit ‘busy’ as if the various elements were trying to compete with each other. That said, it was an extremely enjoyable listen.
Well done and I look forward to more from you.

Hi I hope yer sairfingers get better soon :joy:
I agree that it can be a bit busy in places, these are all things that I’m learning as I go along I’ve got about 11 songs on the go at the moment . Yelling at clouds is the third one I’ve mixed and mastered, I’m trying to do as many as I can before my hearing gets any worse :sweat_smile: it been great fun going back to the start and learning scales and a few extra tips from Justin, I wouldn’t be doing this without his tutorials.
Many thanks for your comments :+1:

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This is great John :exclamation: Sounds really good :exclamation: Inspiring. Thanks for sharing :pray: :pray: :pray: