My first vid - 3 Little Birds

Pushing the upload button on my first video is somewhat terrifying!

This was a spur of the moment decision to record this today, so please forgive the camera angle/quality. The angle makes it look like I’m wielding a jousting pole and I’m a righty, not a lefty - selfie mode reversed the image.

I felt actual nerves as soon as the tune started! It seemed all my learning went out the window, I stumbled over my chords and when I watched the video back, I noticed me looking at my fret hand more than I have been.

I said in my learning log that I’m not camera shy, but watching the video back, I’m not so certain now! The nerves did kick in for sure knowing that others may watch this.

I struggled on song choice for my first video, but took inspiration from @Flying_V 's upload of the same song, who I thought had a wonderful voice that fit the song well.

I’m not a singer, more of a screamer, and this is new music to me. I know it’s a classic of course, but I don’t know the words without reading them off the app.

Please pay note to the disclaimer at the start of my video - you have been warned :joy::joy::joy:


Well done, you’ve done it. Got that first vid out there! It’s amazing how nervous recording can make you feel isn’t it? Pretty solid timing there :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great job! It’s a huge relief getting the first one out of the way, isn’t it? I think for critique purposes, it would be nice to see your hand placement for the chords. Also, perhaps turn down the app volume a bit so your strumming and vocals are dominant. The strumming looked consistent and the vocals sounded nice. I actually liked yours better than mine! I guess we are our own worst critics. I enjoyed your performance and look forward to more in the near future. I’m working on Pontoon and Country Roads for my next recitals. How about you?

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Thanks Liz and Victor.

You’re absolutely right Victor - I’ll put a bit more thought in to the camera angle and sound quality next time. I had my phone balanced on a coffee mug as I loaned my tripod to a friend.

I think there may be a short gap before my next song as, watching this back, it’s highlighted that I’m still not 100% comfortable moving from A to D so I want to work on that first. Maybe Surfin’ USA next though as I’ve been practicing the opening rift a little.

Totally! Was not expecting it at all until I was in the moment!


ZedEx you’re an entertainer, and you drew me in right from the get go. There’s a cool singing voice there that’s good to listen to. Chords are groovy and so are you.

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I was tapping my feet and humming for the entire video, that’s a good sign :love_you_gesture:
The first is always the hardest, keep recording yourself and watching the recordings, if you do it and look back you’ll realize all your progress, it’s very encouraging.

Keep em coming, I honestly enjoyed it a lot.


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Congrats @ZedExDM, you put the video online and nothing bad happened! I know some guys that have been playing guitar for years and still won’t play in front of people. So it’s a great step. Good on you and keep on playing.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:
Bravo, Zed, I’m celebrating the moment with you, such a moment to post a first recording.

I agree with you … you are not camera shy. But playing and singing for other people is another level, and we all feel nerves and anxiety that first time. You’ll see people talk about RLS - Red Light Syndrome - how things go from smooth and comfortable to all wobbly and tense the moment one presses the record button. Keep at it and it will get better.

Your performance was great. Chords, changes, and strumming all generally good plus pleasing singing. Lots to be pleased about and build on.

I did notice a slight pause at the bottom of your strum. You had a steady rhythm going but I think you want to work on smoothing that out in your strumming practice. For now I think it is best to develop a smooth continuous motion.

Well done and look forward to your next!

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Great job! First one is the hardest.

It’s going to be a fun journey. Keep at it!

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Great job @ZedExDM
Well done :clap:
Your playing and voice sounded great! Rock on my friend :metal:

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Hello Zed,
Well done, your first video :sunglasses:,…from now on it gets easier…keep it up…and the entertainer in you feels at home here I see :wink: :sunglasses:
Greetings ,Rogier

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Well done. I thought you change chords a couple of times without looking. :grinning:

I think the song app can start that …

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Excellent first AVOYP Zed. Very well done mate. I thought your playing was great and your vocals sounded great too. keep up the good work and rock on :guitar:

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Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

I noticed this too when looking back. I think it’s because that where I am right now with my learning, I’ve been really practicing the new strumming pattern of D DU DU D so much that ‘going back’ to D D D D gave me a little ‘bounce’ at the bottom of each downstroke, kind of automatically without realising.

I’m happy you pointed this out as I knew it wasn’t right too, which means I’m learning correctly and now have to practice to perfect it. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Next time I’ll wear a grunge shirt in my video, just for you :joy:

Nice!! :rofl::metal:

Top work @ZedExDM and well done on posting your first video. It’s amazing how hitting record messes with you but I thought you did a fine job. I’ve nothing else to point out from anyone elses comments except to say keep 'em coming and carry on enjoying yourself! :+1:

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That’s a fine debut right there, ZedEx :sunglasses:
All the more impressive, given that you’re just setting out on your jouney.

I can’t help feeling a tiny bit let down that you didn’t sound more like your Doppelgaenger, Black Francis from the Pixies :wink:


Congrats and well done on posting your first video. Thought that was outstanding for a first song. Well done on both the playing and singing. As you’ve identified a few rough edges (but that’s the aim of recording yourself) but nothing significant. Look forward to hearing more.

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