My first video - Wish You Were Here Practice

Hi everyone,

Here is my first video upload. I first learned the chords for this song when I started learning about two years ago. I added the riff probably a year ago and now I am going back to try to get the timing and feel nailed down.

Wish You Were Here Pratice

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on 16th note counting and trying to apply it to this song, both in the riff and in the chords.

My playing in this video has plenty of mistakes, but this is a pretty good representation of where I’m at right now.

I know I still need a lot of work to get where I want to be on this song, so I would really appreciate any feedback you have, especially if you can help me identify any bad habits that I should be correcting.

Thank you!


Looking and sounding good, Rob. Beyond my play-grade to comment on the timing relative to the original and the metronome. Everything looked super relaxed to me, really economical, controlled movement of the fingers. Great tone. Keep on keeping on and you’ll soon get to the level of performance you are aiming for.

Well done Rob. You look and sound connected with the timing, the chord grips, picking and strumming. Plenty to be proud of here.

Hi Rob, that was a fine debut :smiley:
Nice steady strumming with clean chords; picking too.
If you like singing, you should definitely start incorporating that now- it’s such fun!
Beautiful guitar and nice clean tone.
One thing I noticed was most of the times when you strum the G chord, you leave out the 6th string, but occasionally include it. Is that intentional? (Justin says he often prefers to leave it out). It sounds fine, but you need to be aware of what you’re doing, otherwise you just develop the habit. I know I do.
Bravo! :sunglasses:

Nicely done Rob and congrats on a fine first upload.
You have a smooth and easy vibe going on with this, it is clearly developed over solid sessions practicing.
One small pointer to improve with the riff and make it flow.
On the A and D string [ open string to fret 2 ] you are picking all separately. I encourage you to only pick the open string and hammer on to fret 2.
Cheers :slight_smile: Richard

That sounds really good! I’m only a beginner, but I hope for coming to this level of playing for myself. Great song to work on!

Hi @Rider2040

That was real pleasent listening to. Sounded very good.
The strumming and timing felt very good.

I hope and aim for that i can be as good strummer you are furthee down the road.

Well done Rob on your first upload. Lots to be happy about with that mate. Good note picking and timing. One suggestion - right at the start of the main riff, try hammering on the open A to the fretted B note, rather picking both notes. Same happens right at the end of the intro, before going to the G Major.
Please dont think I’m criticising anything. You’re playing was very good. Just trying to help you develop this song further.

Cheers, Shane

Congratulations on your first upload Rob.

I cannot comment on the technical aspects of your playing, all I can say is I thought it was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

That was pretty cool Rob, really enjoyed it. Way beyond my level of ability so i can’t comment on any of the technical aspects, but you looked really relaxed and in the zone. Thanks for sharing it :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

This was super clean and on time and considering it is your first video future can only be bright!

Lovely stuff Rob. An excellent first AVoYP. Smoothly and confidently played - well done.

That was very nice. Great rhythm and chord work.

Really great stuff. You’re well on your way with this song. Timing and strumming were pretty much on point.

As a few others have pointed out, try hammer ons instead of picking the notes after G in the riff. But if you like picking and you’re doing it intentionally, then go for it! Part of being an artist is making choices like that.

Also learn the solo :sunglasses: this is a great tune to learn all parts to. You can play it over this nice backing track you created for yourself.

Great job Rob, all the chords very clear and the riff pattern/strum timing very good. I’m tackling WYWH at the moment myself. Cheers, Mike

Thanks David! I still feel pretty mechanical when I play with the metronome. I’m hoping that with some more practice I can be totally relaxed and stay on the beat.

Thanks for the encouragement!

I’ve put a ton of work into this song and I go back and forth between being amazed at how far I’ve come and then daunted by how much further there is to go.

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That’s really great feedback on hitting the 6th string on my G-chords. I think that I have a bit of a bad habit of “cheating” by focusing on strings 1-4 so I can avoid errant notes in D, A, and C chords. I went back and listened to my recording and I can definitely hear that I’m missing the base notes in a lot of my chords. Definitely something for me to work on.

Thank you!

I just saw the note about responding to multiple people using one reply so I’ll try doing that now - still learning how to best use the forum.

@Richard_close2u , @sclay , and @Thejoechoi Thanks for the feedback on using the hammer on for the A and D strings. I’ve played with that for a couple of minutes this morning and it makes a big difference to the overall feel of the riff - which is exactly what I’m working on right now. Thanks for taking the time to listen and offer the feedback!

@Helen0609 , @tRONd , @SgtColon , @Tim_Wilson , @RadekSiechowicz , @sairfingers , and @MikeJT1962 - Thank you all for taking the time to listen and your positive encouragement. I’m happy to have finally gotten my first video posted!


Very well done, you really nailed down this one you looked very focused and on it, really in a zone. Well practiced and well executed, onto a solo now :grin: