My little Classical Guitar Repertoire

Super small and humble I would add!
It was raining cats and dogs yesterday and walking back home from work was out of question…I had some work on the computer actually but…Elise, my old Classical which I recently re-strung called “Play me! Play me!” and I thought to record this to share with you.
These are the short pieces/beginner exercises that I can play confidently… I play them almost everyday! I can play a few more things but they still need to be refined.
My skills are developing very slowly and I can play only short things, nevertheless I’m very happy with myself and I love my daily practice sessions!

I hope you’ll enjoy…but if you don’t…well a little lie won’t harm :joy:
Anyone else sharing this guitar journey related having a good laugh about his/her own self? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::wink::blush:

Ps: the volume of the video seems quite low, you might need headphones to hear it.


Hi Silvia,
:sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:
I enjoyed listening and watching (really :smiley:) … those short pieces look good and they would be a great learning experience for me in the future … and it’s a good thing you weren’t washed away by waterfalls on the way to house :flushed:…very nice that you filmed that too :smiley:…too bad it was so short
Greetings from the sunny Holland

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No need to lie, that was a short but well played piece! Hope to see how it turns out when you put all the little pieces together :clap:

Greetings from the always sunny Arizona.

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Short and sweet Silvia. Really nicely played and very soothing. :sunglasses:

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Thank you for sharing that Silvia. I see both your diligence at practice and your love for the instrument. Nice special effects ending. And who could say anything other than “Bravo!” to a classical guitarist wearing Waffle Stompers! :wink:

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Hi Silvia,

brava! Bravissima! :clap: That was just a sweet little treat for my ear after a long exhausting day. Totally helped to calm me down and just enjoy some nice little pieces of music. :slight_smile:

Grazie mille! :smiley:

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Really pretty pieces whcih are wonderfully calming. Encore!


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Some lovely playing there Silvia. An enjoyable listen. What’s the significance of the waterfall down the path at the end? :grinning:

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That was some lovely playing, Silvia and a wonderful start to my morning. Your enjoyment comes shining through in your video. :slight_smile:

Gordon, I think it was to show how hard it had been raining re Silvia’s comment about it raining cats and dogs.

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That was a real treat in the morning, Sylvia. Thanks for posting! Lovely playing, always a pleasure to see YOUR pleasure! :heart:

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That was beautiful Silvia. I especially enjoyed watching how much you enjoyed playing it. :grin:

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That was beautiful Silvia! :heart_eyes: A pleasure to watch and listen to
and well played too :clap: :sunflower:
You have had some rain!

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No little lieing needed here Silvia!! :fire: :heart:

I truly adore your playing and it takes me to so many places in my mind, the only thing I would argue about in your post is that your skills are developing slowly, not from what I have seen!!

PS - I love your boots!!

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@roger_holland @MichaelPFeeney @Lisa_S @Eddie_09 @sairfingers @CarlosAP @beejay56 @Avalon426 Thank you all for all the very supportive comments :cupid: I’m so happy you enjoyed my playing :grin::star_struck::blush:

That was to justify the presence of my very comfortable, warm, water resistant, pink … @MichaelPFeeney threatening !?! :thinking::astonished: boots!

Ah…wait a minute…you changed your comment! I’m still laughing :rofl::rofl::rofl:


@Helen0609 @SgtColon @TheCluelessLuthier Thank you all for all the very supportive comments :cupid: I’m so happy you enjoyed my playing :grin::star_struck::blush:
You all mentioned my enjoyment in playing… starting with easier materials and moving on gradually allows for that! So there’s always some challenge and enjoyment as well to keep me motivated!

Whatever it is it’s fine the way it is as long as it makes me feel completely and positively engaged in my learning :blush:

This is so kind of you Mark and…

…you clearly have remarkable good taste for shoes :100: :blush:


I cannot lie, that was simply wonderful, Silvia.

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Sounding wonderful Sylvia! I forgot how beautiful classical guitar sounds.
Love the end of the video :rofl:

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Timing seems pretty good. Some notes have a hard time ringing out. I like it… kind of soothing and enticing! You are much further than I one finger style play, so keep up the good work!


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Thank you for sharing Silvia, enjoyed that. I also loved the boots!

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I loved your Classical practice routine! Quanto ti stavi divertengo! I enjoyed your playing so much! Grazie!
Oh, your boots get a :+1: from me… but I’m NOT showing this video to my wife or I would have to search to the ends of the internet to find her a pair!!! :roll_eyes:


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