My new Martin

Just bought myself a new Martin from Andertons.
Martin 0015M
Without doubt the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever played. It feels and plays amazing! Even the smell of the mahogany is beautiful.
It cost a tidy penny but I’m so happy with it. Can’t put it down but I’m afraid to take it anywhere in case it gets damaged.
Any other Martin owners out there?


That’s all that matters :smiley:

It’s a beauty too, happy NGD!

(I’m sure a fellow-Martin owner will be along soon too;.)

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Thanks Iain
It brings me great joy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice! Beautiful guitar. I like the 00/000/OM sized guitars.

My main acoustic guitar is a Martin OM-35e. It gets played pretty much daily. I also have a Martin DRS-1 (one of the “road series” guitars with some synthetic materials). That’s my go-to acoustic guitar if I’m playing out.

Thank you Jason
It’s truly a joy to play. I saw the 00015 reviewed on the Alamo music YouTube channel.
They’re based in Texas but not sure if it’s anywhere near you?
The store I went to only had the 00 in stock and It was a choice between that and the Taylor AD 22 e.
The Martin won hands down for me. Thats just a personal thing.
The Taylor was also a beautiful guitar but the Martin tone is just what I wanted.
Yes I love the smaller sizes. The Dreadnought size gives me shoulder ache.

Happy NGD Jason!! Looks gorgeous and you clearly already love playing it. Hope we’ll get to hear it via an AVOYP or something soon :slight_smile:

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If it’s the Alamo Music in downtown San Antonio then I’ve been there, but it’s no longer close to me. I lived in San Antonio for several years in the early 90s, but I’m in the Houston area, now.

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I have one of the lower end Martins, the GPCPA5K, and I love playing it. This as my first steel string guitar and it took a long time to finally settle on this one.

I’ve had it for about 5 years and this past winter I brought it down to the desert and after about a month or so it started to feel a bit “off”. So it’s currently off for a setup with a local luthier and I’m supposed to be getting it back this weekend.

If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll have many years of enjoyment from you new guitar. HAPPY NGD!



Beautiful guitar :exclamation:Bravo :exclamation:I’m sure you’ll have a lot fun :sunglasses: Enjoy :sunglasses: :champagne: :partying_face: :exclamation:

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Very very nice… Happy NGD!!!

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Lovely guitar Glen
I did look at that design but already have another guitar with a cutaway which I use for contemporary music and strumming. My Martin really seems suited to blues and fingerstyle which are my main priorities.

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Happy NGD Jason. One of the guys I jam with has a 0015M. Very nice guitar I love the sound of an all mahogany

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Congratulations, it looks super

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Cheers Rick
It’s on another level from anything I’ve played before.

Happy ngd!

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Congratulations on your new guitar.
Martin guitars are so high quality, and your guitar is simply beautiful.
I also love my Martin John Mayer Signature OMJM.
Keep on playing!

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I have the same model guitar. I’ve had it for about 5 years. It plays nicely as most Martin guitars do. My only issue with it is that it isn’t a cutaway which I prefer. I installed an endpin jack and put an electec mic inside the body (yes I had to drill out the endpin…yikes!).

I also have a Taylor 314CE which is a cutaway. IMO the Taylor has a more “meaty” sound whereas the Martin’s tone is more elegant.

Anyway, enjoy the guitar!

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bet that sounds great, enjoy!

Good choice. I just bought a Martin SC-10E . I’m a beginner and I’ve been through 4 guitars to get here. I’m thrilled wit this guitar.

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Wish you much joy, Jason!

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