My new Telecaster Demo

Sup guys so i finally got me a electric guitar. I went with this tagima tw 55 series. I think its pretty cool what do yall think of it? My New Electric Tagima tw 55 series - YouTube Gonna take it back and get a Mim fender. Im not really satisfied with this one lol.


Happy Birthday and Happy NGD Byron. Guitar looks and sounds the business.

Thanks Socio!! :slight_smile:

Love that color! You sound great on electric Byron can’t wait to see some more of it. Are you using an amp or plugging into an interface?

Happy NGD Birthday! It sounds great!

Cool jammin session an cool guitar bro! looks like you already found your away around it :smiley:

Happy birthday, Bytron and congrats on the new guitar. By the way, I will be getting an electric next week, though I’m not buying, it is gifted to me. I’ll share it in a future video. Question: Does the electric guitar need to be plugged into an amp, or can I just play it like an acoustic?

Thanks Sandy! Awesome!! Cant wait to hear you!! They are easier to play also mind you!! Yes you do have to have an amp or something to plug it into

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Yes its plugged into an amp

Thanks clueless!!

Haha yeah, its been fun messing around with it for sure!

Great! You and your new Tele sound good! Happy birthday!

You just gotta like a telecaster, fender or not! They just have a sound of their own don’t they?

Sounds and looks really cool. Happy BDay and NGD!

Nice Rock n’ Roll you play :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Byron :tada: that didn’t sound like it’s your first electric guitar at all! Sounds great!

Ice had electrics in the past but havnt had one in a long time! :slight_smile:

Happy NGD

Happy birthday too


Yes, happy Bday and NGD day. All birthdays should include new gear :grinning:

Happy Birthday and Happy NGD! :smiley:

That Telecaster is lucky to have you! Happy Birthday!